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Adobe inside Stornaway - A digital image showing green mountains, silhouetted birds and a blue river BlogGetting StartedMasterclassNewspower-up
April 24, 2024

Bring interactivity into your Adobe Express and Creative Cloud videos

Take your video creation to the next level and make them interactive. We’ve taken the technological hurdles out of the way to help creators unlock their interactive video potential. Use…
stand out with interactive video - How to show your clients the power of interactive video - an emperor penguin amongst brown penguins BlogGetting StartedMasterclassNewspower-upResources
April 17, 2024

How to show your clients the power of interactive video

The time has come to show your clients what adaptive video can do. Life is adaptive and interactive - your videos should be too.
adaptive video in education - a map is open with graphic red pointers that fall off the map and into the epic, scenic background - mountains BlogGetting StartedNewspower-up
March 15, 2024

4 Expert Tips : How adaptive video can enhance engagement in higher education

by Brock Horning | March 2024 🗣 “You're always going to retain information better if you effectively engage with the learning experience.” Kat Rolley, Digital Learning and Engagement Consultant In…
Adaptive learning with adaptive video - people stand in a river wearing red helmets and safety gear as a person zip lines over a small waterfall BlogGetting StartedNewspower-upScenario & Training
February 22, 2024

Adaptive video: taking adaptive learning to the next level

Brock Horning | February 2024Take the cringe factor out of role-play training. Engage your learners in dry, complex topics. Deliver high levels of attitudinal change. It’s time to take adaptive…
BlogCustomer Success StoriesKey Case StudiesNewspower-upScenario & Training
February 19, 2024

Case Study: How to steal the attention of a trade show audience with adaptive media

by Brock Horning | February 2024 An interactive demo for an industrial cybersecurity conference that stole the show. How do you maximise engagement with the notoriously fickle attention spans of…
Inside Alasdair Gray's studio - walls covered in framed paintings. BlogCustomer Success StoriesGetting StartedMasterclassNewspower-up
January 24, 2024

Customer Story: A Gray’s Place

by Brock Horning | January 2024How do you capture a sense of space? An intangible atmosphere and a place that represents something different to each visitor? That’s the challenge that…
December 22, 2023

Stornaway Wrapped: 2023 in review

2023 has been a fantastic year for interactive, immersive experiences - especially here at Stornaway. With an astounding 25,000 users making their own unique projects, we are so proud to…
December 21, 2023

Catch Up: Adaptive Video for Learning Summit

This interactive Learning event is aimed at Learning teams and agencies seeking to harness creative potential within their organisation and expand their engagement. This interactive webinar will introduce you to…
Woman in meta quest VR headset - a women stands in an office in a VR headset. She holds controllers in her hands. BlogNews
December 7, 2023

Stop those Meta Quest headsets gathering dust – and easily make 360 VR experiences

by Brock Horning | December 2023If you and your business found 360 VR content creation too challenging and have VR headsets gathering dust in a cupboard - we have some…
November 9, 2023 Higher Education Summit 6th December 2023

Academic Summit: Global Perspectives on Interactive Storytelling in Education WHEN? December 6th 2023 , 4pm-5:30pm UK / 5pm CEST / 11am ET/ 8am PT WHO? Hosted by Charlotte Panchaud, Head…
Want to persuade your boss to buy new software? A screenshot from an interactive video created in - a woman faces the camera, a question below her face reads "what should you do?" the options are "be firm" or "compromise" BlogCore KnowledgeGetting StartedNewsResources
November 6, 2023

How to persuade your boss to buy

By Brock Horning | 6th November 2023You’ve just discovered You can suddenly see how interactivity is the future of video and you want that future right now. The…
Stornaway Adobe MAX stand - Bringing You Into The Story Adobe Max 2023BlogGetting StartedNews
October 10, 2023 unveils Adobe interactive video plugins at Adobe MAX 2023, the trailblazing interactive and immersive video start-up, unveils groundbreaking new plugins at Adobe MAX 2023, letting creators use Adobe Express within Stornaway, and use Stornaway inside Creative Cloud.
Adobe Max 2023BlogCustomer Success StoriesGetting StartedNewsScenario & Training
September 27, 2023

Is interactive video the next step in social awareness campaigns?

by Kate Moody | September 2023Interactivity is fast becoming the favoured method to increase engagement in marketing campaigns, with 79% of marketers recognising the high potential for reusing interactive content,…
E-learning in action - a girl sits at a Mac with a teacher on screen Adobe Max 2023Bloggetting started - how people use interactive videoNewsScenario & Training
September 4, 2023

Interactive branching scenario training: the future of eLearning

by Brock Horning | September 2023If you’re seeking a better way to upskill your employees than training manuals or linear instructional videos, the answer you’re probably looking for is branching…
August 22, 2023

How students are using 360 VR to help combat surgical anxieties

by Kate Moody | August 2023Thijs Scheper's Hospital University Thesis experience uses interactive 360 VR to explore preoperative anxiety, notably a fear towards general anesthesia in the hospital, and helps…
Bloggetting started - how people use interactive videoNews
August 4, 2023

Why interactive content creators should take inspiration from classic Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks

by Brock Horning | July 2023In the new episode of Story Islands, the video podcast for interactive storytellers, Stornaway founders Kate and Ru explore one of Ru’s favourite topics -…
Adobe Max 2023NewsPressResources
July 26, 2023 named as Best Startup at the Sparkies 2023

by Kate Moody | July was delighted to attend the 2023 Sparkies Awards in Bath, a few weeks ago, picking up the award for Best Startup. It was a…
BlogCustomer Success StoriesGetting StartedNews
July 12, 2023

How can we see the impact of data decisions on real people’s lives?

by Kate Moody | July 2023'Nobody's Fault' is an interactive story about the ethical decisions that data scientists have to make in the workplace. Created by Cornell University's Lecturer in…
June 29, 2023

Interactive Narrative and Immersive Stories : Academics give their Top Tips

by Kate Moody | Stornaway Communications Assistant,  June sponsored its first Higher Education Summit in June 2023, hosted by Dr Roy Hanney, Associate Professor at Southampton Solent University. The…
BlogCustomer Success StoriesImmersive ExperiencesNewsUncategorized
May 23, 2023

Gulliver Exploded: Exploring Stage Shows Interactively

by Kate Moody | Stornaway Communications Assistant, May 2023Noel Byrne’s interactive experience ‘Gulliver Exploded’ is reimagining the way in which we interact with stage shows Noel Byrne is a theatre…
Woman wearing VR headset watching interactive 360 video Adobe Max 2023BlogNews
May 5, 2023

How to make interactive 360 videos quickly and easily

By Brock Horning | 5th May 2023The way that audiences expect to experience stories is changing. Viewers want to be immersed in and influence how the story unfolds, to…
Interactive 360 videos = a 360 view of a cityscape BlogImmersive ExperiencesMake interactive videosNews
April 20, 2023

The ultimate guide to interactive 360 video

by Brock Horning |, April 2023The huge potential of 360 video to create immersive experiences has excited creators and brands for years, but that potential has not always been…
Adobe Max 2023BlogMasterclassNewsPress
April 11, 2023

The Guardian on ‘The Gallery’ : Viewers can choose the outcome of the characters in this cleverly assembled art-world thriller available on PC, console and your local screen

by Kate Moody | Stornaway Communications Assistant, April 2023The Gallery by British director Paul Rashid recently hit screens at the London Games Festival, gaining a wonderful review from The Guardian.…
Screengrab from 'Illuminated Tex' interactive educational piece on Shakespeare BlogCustomer Success StoriesKey Case StudiesNewsStorytelling
March 21, 2023

The Illuminated Text: Study Shakespeare in a whole new way!

by Kate Moody | Stornaway Communications Assistant, March 2023Theatre practitioner, Rob Myles, takes his passion for all things Shakespeare, and pioneers a movement for more accessibility towards his iconic texts,…
Still from multiverse movie Everything Everywhere All At Once. Woman stands with finger raised. All her fingers are sausages Adobe Max 2023BlogOpinionpower-up
March 17, 2023

Enter the multiverse: storytelling lessons from Everything Everywhere All At Once

by Brock Horning |, Friday 17 March 2023There were many reasons why the Stornaway team gave a cheer when Everything Everywhere All At Once won the Oscar for Best…
Poster image for The Wonder Twins: Life Is... BlogCustomer Success StoriesNews
February 24, 2023

The Wonder Twins: Life is… Interactive Documentary

by Kate Moody | Stornaway Communications Assistant,  February 2023The Wonder Twins used to create an interactive documentary, "Life Is...",  breaking the fourth wall by taking on the role of…
Kingori and Durado with the Davey Awards Plaque. DatingForward has so far won 2 award. 2 people stand in a university building holding an award. AcademicBlogCustomer Success StoriesNews
January 25, 2023

DatingForward – Changing Behaviour with an award winning interactive project from Ohio University

by Abbie Horning | Stornaway Communications Manager,  January 2023DatingForward is an interactive story about sexual activity, HIV testing, disclosure and treatment. It is aimed at educating young adults and students…
A screenshot from Migration Run - A woman sits in front of a glass screen. Behind her, a plane takes off. Above her desk are three options of visa for the user to choose from. BlogCustomer Success StoriesExplainers & DemosKey Case StudiesNews
January 4, 2023

Migration Run: testing learning with an interactive video explainer by the UN

The International Labour Organisation (part of the UN) has created an interactive video explainer using Stornaway to test knowledge and repeat facts about an in-depth topic. The interactive explainer was…
A man sits wearing a blue patterned silk shirt and a leather tie. Two options are shown on the screen - "create distraction" or "call for help" Adobe Max 2023BlogMake interactive videosNewsPressStorytelling
December 23, 2022

“The startup reinventing interactive video editing software” – TVBEurope article

TVB Europe interviewed Co-CEO and Creative Director Kate Dimbleby this month to find out more about the game-changing plans Stornaway has to reinvent interactive video editing software. Read the…
A collection of screen shots from 2022 projects: a woman sits awaiting a choice to made by the viewer; two men (in black and white) look towards the camera whilst two choices show; a pink screen allows viewers to choose who they are: employee, contractor, visitor; a woman is on a train, two choices in white writing appear next to her; the poster for "life is" - pink with polaroid images of young people; a woman points at a map created of string and post it notes. BlogCustomer Success StoriesNewsResources
December 13, 2022

2022: a year for immersive, interactive experiences for all industries!

2022 has been a HUGE year for interactive, immersive experiences. Our users across all industries have been creating the most inspirational - and endlessly replayable - projects. From learning teams…
Tyrell Williams - a screen shot of the end credits of A Little Hungover. A polorid photo shows the lead actor of A Little Hungover BlogCustomer Success StoriesNewsStorytelling
November 30, 2022

A Little Hungover – a Tyrell Williams and Stornaway Production

Written by Abbie Horning, November 2022 Created in the Summer of 2020, in the middle of lockdown, Tyrell Williams directed this short interactive comedy whilst was being beta-tested by…
ully animated project from Austin Community College Students - a computer drawn picture of hands holding a phone. The phone is in messenger mode and 4 questions are given on the screen for the viewer to choose from: "What are you currently watching on Netflix?", What is your favourite food?", "Describe yourself in a Tweet", "Hobbies?" AcademicBlogCustomer Success StoriesNewsStorytelling
November 29, 2022

Stornaway collaborates with Austin Community College to train, inspire and equip students with hands-on interactive creativity experience

Having access to the Stornaway platform has allowed interactive students at Austin Community College to create and realise their ideas. From pre-production story mapping through to distribution. The Austin Community…
Adobe Max 2023BlogCustomer Success StoriesMasterclassNewsStorytelling
November 10, 2022

“How I made an interactive film with Stornaway” – Paul Raschid

" has revolutionised my way of working." Paul Raschid, Director of The Gallery The Gallery was officially released in September 2022. Receiving a host of outstanding reviews and a cinematic…
BlogImmersive ExperiencesMake interactive videosNewsPress
October 10, 2022 wins Innovate UK grant to ‘transform the future of video editing’

UK start up wins Innovate UK SMART grant to  transform the future of video editing  “CreaTech One To Watch” start-up wins Innovate UK award for ‘game-changing innovation’ BRISTOL, UK…
a freeze frame from Plesh's immersive hybrid event- - two men star towards the camera whilst a question (in Italian) is on the screen BlogCustomer Success StoriesImmersive ExperiencesMake interactive videosNews
October 27, 2022

An unforgettable experience that immersed a hybrid audience – Plesh Customer Story

Interactive event Agency Plesh was set a challenge by a global consumer electronics brand in Italy, who asked them to produce a major product launch event.    The challenge :…
Short screen recording of interactive 360 VR tour from within Quest headset. Tour of Tiree from Stornaway.BlogCore Knowledgegetting started - how people use interactive videoImmersive ExperiencesNews
November 3, 2022

Make Interactive videos for Immersive Experiences and Events

Can interactive, immersive events create experiences that stay with your audience long after it’s over? Make interactive videos for immersive experiences! Using Stornaway, you can make interactive and immersive events, virtual experiences,…
Tiree in 360VR Blog Header - Dunollie Castle screenshot BlogExporting to other platformsHelpHelp-MasterclassNews
September 1, 2022

Turn Stornaway projects into VR apps in 3 easy steps

Now you can turn your Stornaway interactive video stories into VR experiences with our easy-to-use no-code plugin.    by Ru Howe, Stornaway co-founder We designed Stornaway to be picked up…
Interactive Sales Video - Freeze frame from a video where a man called Phumlani takes you on a journey to discover the Manake Coffee you should buy. Two options are shown on the screen: "complex" "smooth" BlogCore KnowledgeExplainers & Demosgetting started - how people use interactive videoNews
November 3, 2022

Make Interactive videos for Explainers and Demos

Can you give your viewers the exact information they need, when they need it? Make interactive videos for explainers and demos! Using Stornaway, you can produce interactive product demos, software training,…
Still frame from Interactive On Site Training Video - showing a man using different tools. The same man is pictured three times, each with a different tool BlogCore Knowledgegetting started - how people use interactive videoNewsScenario & Training
November 2, 2022

Make Interactive Videos for scenario-based learning and training

Can real-life situations and interactive conversations create a more engaged audience for active learning? Make interactive videos for scenario-based learning and training! Using Stornaway, you can make immersive, interactive choose-your-own-adventure scenarios,…
Still from interactive feature film The Gallery - a woman sits. The audience must make a choice - "scream" or "get to know Dorian" BlogCore Knowledgegetting started - how people use interactive videoNewsStorytelling
November 2, 2022

Make Interactive Videos for Entertainment

Looking to immerse your audience in the world you have created and the story you’re telling? Make interactive videos for entertainment! Using Stornaway, you can make immersive, interactive stories and games…
Screenshot from Endless Adventure - the audience choices appear on the screen BlogImmersive ExperiencesNews
October 19, 2022

TVB Europe on Stornaway’s funding win

From TVB Europe - 17 October 2022 UK start-up wins funding to invent ‘radically new’ type of editing software has received a SMART grant from Innovate UK BY JENNY PRIESTLEY…
A Stornaway map showing lots of boxes ("islands") where videos and images have been uploadedAcademicBlogCore KnowledgeCustomer Success StoriesExplainers & DemosNews
August 18, 2022

How the National University of Singapore is using Stornaway for their interactive marketing students

In 2022, students at the National University of Singapore started using Stornaway as part of their Interactive Media Marketing Techniques course. We spoke with Dr Alex Mitchell, Senior Lecturer in…
4 screenshots from interactive training videos made in Stornaway. Those featured are: #PlayYourDay from Deutsch Telekom, Wrong Side of the Road from Diageo, Devogames from Devoteam and the Josephine Baker Digital Learning Portal from The Egg. Bloggetting started - how people use interactive videoNewsScenario & Training
July 7, 2022

How to supercharge your Online training with Interactive Video

After 2 years online it’s no wonder that Edtech is booming.  Online training is now widespread but companies and institutions are looking for better ways to engage their employees -…
Endless Adventure - make an immersive virtual tour BlogCore KnowledgeCustomer Success StoriesImmersive ExperiencesKey Case StudiesNews
June 29, 2022

How Fort Edmonton Park made an immersive virtual tour filled with endless adventure

Engagement levels soar for the interactive living history museum Fort Edmonton Park in Canada, who have won an Innovative Use of Technology award for their immersive virtual tour created with…
A Stornaway project playing in Unity BlogNews
June 23, 2022

Use Stornaway to turn an interactive video into an App – without coding!

Did you know that you can now turn your Stornaway interactive videos into an App that you can sell on App Stores, using our amazing no-code plugin? Whatever you’re making…
Interactive features to help you make interactive videos BlogCore KnowledgeMake interactive videosNews
May 27, 2022

Top 10 Interactive Feature FAQs – Answered

The platform has made it simple for you to make creative, interactive videos that immerse and engage your viewers. Our growing list of interactive features allows you to push…
BlogCore KnowledgeExplainers & Demosgetting started - how people use interactive videoHow ToNews
May 23, 2022

How to unlock customer loyalty with interactive brand experiences

These days, whenever you need to buy pretty much anything, there’s a dizzying amount of choice on offer. Generating customer loyalty today is more challenging than ever before. If you…
Game Logic - Either/or tutorial video BlogCore KnowledgeHow ToImmersive ExperiencesMake interactive videosMasterclassNewsOpinion
May 11, 2022

Immerse your viewers with 360, game logic & more!

With every feature release, we're conscious of our creators. How do we help them to make more immersive experiences? How do we ensure that each new feature helps them to…
January 25, 2022 develops simple app creation for interactive video stories wins Audience of the Future award to automate Unity game creation for multiple platforms PRESS RELEASE - BRISTOL, UK – 25th Jan 2022  Interactive filmmaking platform and UK based…
We are Tilt - Wrong Side of the Road website collage Customer Success StoriesKey Case StudiesNewsPressScenario & Training
October 15, 2021

CASE STUDY: Tilt & Diageo – Wrong Side of the Road

Tilt are using to produce interactive educational experiences for their client Diageo. This global project is using the art of interactive conversations to challenge the attitudes of millions towards…
Cat Burglar - on Netflix 22 February BlogNewspower-upStorytelling
February 18, 2022

Cat Burglar: How Charlie Brooker made Netflix’s Interactive TV Show – a family-friendly, trivia cartoon!

The cat’s out of the bag! Charlie Brooker’s new interactive production - Cat Burglar - is coming to Netflix on 22 February 2022! Cat Burglar is the next interactive production…
Interactive Audiobooks - map & Pandemioza. BlogNewsStorytelling
February 28, 2022

Interactive audiobooks and the future of storytelling

Audiobooks are a huge deal these days! Readers can hear Michelle Obama's autobiography 'Becoming' told by Michelle herself. And who doesn't enjoy the magic of Stephen Fry reading you the…
DEUTSCHE TELEKOM - employee onboarding video Customer Success StoriesKey Case StudiesNewsScenario & Training
January 4, 2022

CASE STUDY: #PlayYourDay with Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom set out to change how people viewed the role of a Deutsche Telekom employee. This innovative campaign challenged the expectations of potential employees. Immersing them in an interactive…
BlogCustomer Success StoriesImmersive ExperiencesKey Case StudiesMasterclassNewsStorytellingUncategorized
July 5, 2021 and “The Gallery” featured in Screen International double page on interactive cinema

To coincide with our presentation at Cannes Marche Du Film this month, we were delighted to feature in this month's Screen Daily article about the future of interactive filmmaking. You…
Customer Success StoriesKey Case StudiesNewsScenario & Training
January 10, 2022

CASE STUDY: Devogame interactive video learning game – Ikimasho, Devoteam & CCUA

For hundreds of students around the world, the school year kicks off in serious competition mode! 2021 was no different with the introduction of the 6th Devogame - this time…
OFCOM Object Based Media Report says Stornaway is industry leader in interactive video tools BlogCustomer Success StoriesNewsOpinionPress
September 9, 2021

Ofcom highlights as industry leader in new report on Object Based Media

This week, the UK government’s media industry regulator OFCOM featured in an important report - the first of its kind - about the emerging era of Object Based Media.
BlogExplainers & DemosNewsPress
December 22, 2021

Make interactive 360º video with

Use, the world's favourite interactive video platform, to connect up 360º videos into immersive interactive experiences, for publishing on the web, social media - and to VR devices via…
Josephine Baker Portal Customer Success StoriesImmersive ExperiencesNewsPress
November 1, 2021

CASE STUDY: The Egg Interactive Digital Learning Portal

The Egg at the Theatre Royal Bath are using at the heart of an enhanced performance experience for students and teachers. Brushing aside the traditional A4 teacher’s resource pack,…
LMPF kitchen wall map BlogCore KnowledgeNewsOpinionStorytelling
January 31, 2022

Creative Midwives and Story Islands : the Art of Mapping Interactive Stories

Beginning, Middle... aargh! Where now?! For National Storytelling Week, our Creative Director Kate Dimbleby explores the importance of mapping your story - from songwriting to filmmaking! Mapping is something that…
Screenshot from The Egg Josephine Baker Interactive Digital Learning Portal BlogGetting StartedNewsOpinion
January 14, 2022

Making Interactive Videos with – the possibilities are endless !

Since Stornaway came about in 2020 - co-founded/created/brought to life by Ru Howe and Kate Dimbleby - the platform has helped the non-linear stories of thousands of creators come into…
Pandemioza - an interactive audiobook Customer Success StoriesNewsStorytelling
February 14, 2022

CASE STUDY: Interactive Audiobook Pandemioza – Wojtek Jeżowski

From the Pandemic came Pandemioza - an interactive audiobook, with visuals! Pandemioza, an interactive audiobook, was published in 2021. It is created from the real-life experiences of the filmmakers and…
December 15, 2021

12 interactive videos from 2021 – and introducing interactive 360 video in Stornaway!

We have collected some of our favourite, creative videos from 2021, to round up the year. And our Christmas present to you this year is interactive 360º video in…
Stornaway hosted roundtable at Encounters Film Festival BlogCore KnowledgeCustomer Success StoriesHow ToMake interactive videosNewsOpinionpower-up
October 4, 2021

Interactive Filmmakers Roundtable: 7 Top Tips On How To Create Interactive Videos

Last month, we had the pleasure of hosting a roundtable discussion for the 2021 Encounters Film Festival. At the table were four young filmmakers currently kickstarting their journeys to create…
Still taken from Kate Moody, Felix Hodgson and Louis Barron-Forde's interactive student film “Lost and Found”. Customer Success StoriesNewsPress
September 30, 2021

UWE partners with Stornaway to teach interactive filmmaking using ground-breaking storytelling platform

The University of the West of England has partnered with the interactive filmmaking platform to introduce its filmmaking and animation students to interactive film production. This collaboration with the Bristol-based startup…
Paul Raschid, interactive film director and FMV game producer BlogCustomer Success StoriesMasterclassNewsStorytelling
September 1, 2021

How Paul Raschid makes interactive films without going bananas | Stornaway

" has revolutionised my way of working." Paul Raschid, interactive film director - at DevCom 2021   We were delighted to be asked to present last month at DevCom -…
Adobe Max 2023BlogCore KnowledgeMake interactive videosNewsUncategorized
May 12, 2021

10 Top Tips for making Interactive Videos

The team are always being asked advice on how to make interactive videos better. How does someone who has never made an interactive video begin? We designed authoring…
March 19, 2021

Lunchtime talk for the Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio with founders Kate Dimbleby and Ru Howe

Choose Wisely : Interactive filmmaking with In this lunchtime talk for the Watershed's Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol, co-founders Kate and Ru cover the difficulties of production, the boost…
BlogImmersive ExperiencesNewspower-upStorytelling
March 10, 2021

Interactive video stories : immersive experiences without a headset

We are all exhausted from staring at our screen for a year.  We are craving real human contact and intuitive understanding more than ever.  To be seen, to be recognised…
BlogCustomer Success StoriesNewsPressUncategorized
January 28, 2021

American University’s School of Communication Teaches Interactive filmmaking with

American University’s School of Communication Teaches Interactive filmmaking with The Film and Media Arts division of the School of Communication at American University in Washington, D.C., is the first…
November 9, 2020

WordPress for Interactive Storytelling : featured in Creative Review’s ‘New Storytellers’ issue

  While interactive TV shows have been talked about for years, limited examples have actually made it to the screen, in part due to the complexity of creating them.  But…
BlogCustomer Success StoriesMasterclassNewsPressStorytelling
October 6, 2020

LIFE MOVES PRETTY FAST : a interactive original

We are delighted to announce the Immersive Encounters first release of Ru Howe's interactive short Life Moves Pretty Fast Click on image to watch the film written and directed by…
August 24, 2020

Kate Dimbleby talks to TVB Europe

Kate Dimbleby, co-creator of Stornaway, tells Jenny Priestley about the new production tool that aims to take the headache out of creating interactive content. Read the full article here “At…
Kimmy-Schmidt_Jacqueline-sucks-her-straw BlogMasterclassOpinionStorytelling
May 21, 2020

Kimmy Schmidt shows interactive stories are a magical playground for writers

There’s a fabulous moment in Netflix’s new Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt interactive film where Jacqueline (Jane Krakowski) is sucking on a straw for a little too long - waiting for me…
interactive film BlogNewsOpinionpower-upPress
April 13, 2020

Producing interactive stories: How to solve the Rubik’s cube

An existential crisis is facing linear TV. A mass migration of viewers to digital platforms has seen a range of new players enter the market. All of them are competing…
BlogHelpImmersive ExperiencesNewsStorytelling
July 13, 2020

6 expert tips for producing interactive TV shows

We asked these top writers, producers and heads of interactive to share their insights about writing and producing interactive TV.   "Whenever I say I work in interactive storytelling, people say,…
BlogCustomer Success StoriesNewspower-upPressStorytelling
September 18, 2020

Watch A Little Hungover, Tyrell Williams’ first interactive comedy made with in lockdown, premiering at Immersive Encounters 18th September 2020

  #HoodDocumentary writer/Director Tyrell Williams releases timely interactive short comedy “A Little Hungover” at Encounters Film Festival with ground-breaking interactive filmmaking platform Tyrell Williams We are incredibly proud to…
May 18, 2020

Stornaway featured in Broadcast

We were so happy to be featured in Broadcast last week. See the full article here. A new production tool called Stornaway has been launched to enable interactive films -…
A Little Hungover - a video call - the screen is divided in two. On the right is a women in a blue top looking concerned. On the left is a man in a red shirt with his head in his hands. BlogNewspower-upPressStorytelling
September 29, 2020

QUICK FIRE INTERVIEW WITH TYRELL WILLIAMS writer and director of “A Little Hungover”,’s first release at Encounters Film Festival

Hello!  Can you briefly introduce yourself and what you do? My name is Tyrell Williams. I am a writer and director of theatre, film and television. Have you ever made…
BlogImmersive ExperiencesNewspower-upPress
June 5, 2020

How one theatre company created an interactive film in 72 hours… in lockdown

At a time when it looks like many venues might stay closed until 2021, some theatre companies are turning to interactive production. At one end of the scale, the National…
Stornaway interactive filmmaking tool BlogNewsPress
May 4, 2020

Stornaway announces launch of game changing interactive production tool

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Stornaway – a revolutionary new production tool which lets writers and producers make interactive films for VOD platforms, without coding.  For years, co-founders Kate Dimbleby and Rupert Howe have…
interactive film BlogNewsOpinionpower-upPress
April 13, 2020

The interactive story opportunity broadcasters must seize

In last week’s Broadcast, senior executives predicted a “seminal moment”, as the production shutdown hastens the shift from linear to on-demand viewing. “At a time of heightened battle between broadcasters…