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by Brock Horning | February 2024

An interactive demo for an industrial cybersecurity conference that stole the show.

How do you maximise engagement with the notoriously fickle attention spans of trade show audiences? CyberTheory’s client approached them to create in-booth experiences that drove awareness and conversions for their annual cybersecurity conference. CyberTheory delivered a successful event demo that could be used again and again as an evergreen marketing tool. 

Video Marketing Producer Nick Handley takes us through the project:

The Project

CyberTheory’s client holds a major annual user conference each year. The client asked CyberTheory to create a proposal for different in-booth experiences, one being an interactive demo targeting multiple industries.

The Challenge

To illustrate common yet urgent cybersecurity risks to industrial organisations for CyberTheory’s client, a global leader in industrial cybersecurity. The project needed to deliver fast understanding and engagement with the key messages in a trade show setting. This should lead to follow-up conversations and, ultimately, conversions.

A trade show attendee interacts with a tablet at a conference. They're playing an adaptive media project created specifically for the event.

The Solution

Nick made sure that the participants weren’t just sitting there passively. The gamified demo allowed players to put themselves in the action more directly by becoming ‘attackers’ or ‘defenders.’ Attackers could choose one of five industries, and choose from three attack types within each industry. Defenders responded by trying up to three defences per attack type.

The games were displayed on a large LED wall in the booth for audiences to follow the action, and a professional announcer narrated each match. After each attack and defence combination, a summary screen was shown and narrated, offering a short tutorial on what just happened and why it was important.

These elements captured the attention of the players and audience to reinforce the key messages across several layers. Vulnerabilities exist, there are solutions, and the time to act is now to immediately reduce risk

The Reaction

“People were very hungry to learn more.”

It was a massive success – the project got the attention of the trade show audience and then some. The client received more than the desired level of follow-up questions and additional information requests. In most playing scenarios, the audience seating was full and standing room had to be provided.

Got some questions for Nick? Head over to our interactive conversation and ask him questions about this project, why he used adaptive media and the results.

The Stornaway difference

“Stornaway allowed CyberTheory to bring our client’s vision to life.”

The project went so smoothly and successfully – and received such strong engagement – that CyberTheory’s client is now looking to roll this out further. It is planned for use as an evergreen marketing tool and a learning experience to open up important cybersecurity conversations. What’s more, CyberTheory has more adaptive media projects in the pipeline.

“A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million and an interactive video is worth a billion.”

Almost all of Nick’s clients are looking for better campaign, event or lead generation materials – and adaptive media can deliver. As Nick himself said: “interactive content quickly drives more real interest and engagement. It builds better brand recall and reinforces key messages to help our clients break through the noise.” And there is a lot of noise at a trade show conference – standing out from the crowd can deliver that return on investment.

“I couldn’t be happier with the level of support we got” supports both streaming and app versions of the interactive demo and both worked perfectly. Our support team also worked through the demonstration with CyberTheory to guarantee it worked on touchscreens with no issues. That’s the Stornaway difference.

A little bit about CyberTheory

CyberTheory is a full service marketing agency supporting cybersecurity and IT solution vendors. The agency is a business unit of ISMG, a worldwide cybersecurity and IT publisher with over 35 publications and 1M+ subscribers. We provide go-to-market consulting and campaign services such as strategy, messaging, content, media planning and execution, and lead management. CyberTheory specialises in providing clients with an enterprise-level full funnel approach to client acquisition.