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Whatever you’re making in Stornaway – a live-action game, training experience, branded content, or an immersive, digital event – you can also easily export it as a downloadable App to play on iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Quest VR, Smart TVs and even game consoles.

With our newly released plugin, you can open your interactive Stornaway project inside the Unity game engine (without knowing Unity) and then follow a few simple steps to package it up as an App.

We have a user guide – and a tutorial video – that is easy to follow and repeat, allowing you to create interactive apps, easily. Our easy-to-follow interactive video will take you through these simple steps at your own pace.

The automation does all of the hard technical work, leaving you free to be creative.

Read our blog about using Unity

It was really straightforward! Made saving it into a VR format very easy with the how to guide! It was massively helpful to my learning of game design and multimedia integration.

Owain Roberts

Then you can take your App and monetise it or let people download it for free: offer it on the Apple App Store, Android Play Store or the Steam games store, add it to your website or intranet for download, or even submit it to the PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch console stores.

READ MORE - The Gallery, made Stornaway and now available on Apple App Store, Android Play Store, Steam games store, PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

The Gallery premiered at he Dinard Film Festival. A collectionof images showing the cast/crew at the festival. Paul Raschid, Neville Raschid and Anna Popplewell walk the red carpet. Anna Popplewell and Paul Raschid give an award. A crowd of people in suits and dresses stand on stage.

The Gallery – Interactive Feature Film | Live-Action Video Game – made in and published on all gaming platforms


In September 2022, Paul Raschid – World renowned interactive film director – released his latest interactive feature film, The Gallery.

The film has received a host of outstanding reviews and had a cinematic premiere at the Dinard Film Festival.

The Gallery is up there in the high tier of [interactive films] along with The Complex, Five Dates, Telling Lies and Erica. I implore you to try this one out, you will not be disappointed. A well-deserved 10 out of 10” – The Gallery PC Review. 

Available now on: Steam (PC & Mac), PlaystationXboxNintendo Switch & Mobile (iOS & Android).

“As a filmmaker, I have branched over to a whole new audience … hungry for new forms of content” – Paul. Find out more about how using Stornaway has revolutionised Paul’s interactive filmmaking process

An interactive hostage-thriller/social drama. An art curator is held hostage by a portraitist who threatens to detonate a bomb unless their demands are met. ‘The Gallery’ contains two narratives – set in 1981 (with a female protagonist) and 2021 (with a male protagonist).

Starring George Blagden (‘Vikings’ & ‘Versailles’), Anna Popplewell (‘The Chronicles of Narnia’), Rebecca Root (The Queen’s Gambit), Richard Fleeshman (The Sandman), Shannon Tarbet (Killing Eve), Fehinti Balogun (I May Destroy You) and Kara Tointon (Eastenders).

Created by Paul Raschid in Completely gripping, and completely replayable.

So however you choose to reach your audience, this plugin will enable you to take this fantastic step from story creation through to app development – without ever touching a line of code.

The plugin is available to Premium plan users (and above). Please contact us for access.

Unity Plugin FAQs

What will I need in order to create interactive apps with this plugin?

You’ll need to:

Once you’ve used the plugin to take your project from into Unity, there are other steps and requirements depending on where you intend to publish your application.

Our user guide (available in the shared folder) will walk you through these publishing requirements. We can also talk you through these – get in touch.

How long will it take to export a project as an app?

Exporting a project as an app using the Unity plugin does not take long. Now that we are familiar with the process, we can create an app from a Stornaway project in 5-10 minutes.

The first couple of times will take longer as you work through the process step-by-step – allow yourself an hour or two to download Unity, the plug-in and read the instructions etc.  

How do we put our app into the App Store?

The process of then submitting the app for an App Store is a question of filling out their information, marketing and publishing requirements such as descriptions, screenshots and terms.

There’s no coding required to create an app – and submission to app stores also requires no coding – but it is still a technical process that requires testing and understanding from end-to-end to make sure you are happy that you can do it all. So we would suggest you do a test with a smaller project early on.

For desktop apps that you are giving to your client to distribute privately, there is just an app package that you can zip up and make available via a File Sharing service like Google Drive or Dropbox. Or, just on a hard drive.

Will I need to continue to be subscribed to after making an app?

We don’t limit or charge for how you use apps after you’ve exported them from Unity – they are then fully independent from Stornaway. 

As phone and desktop operating systems get upgraded, this might have an effect on apps in future, and you might need to re-export your project from Unity in future to keep up with this kind of OS changes – but that’s probably unlikely and several OS versions away. 

Will you support my app outside of

At the Premium level, we don’t support the apps that people have exported on an ongoing basis – but will fix any problems in our plugin and the app creation process if discovered.  

For Enterprise customers, we can work with you to specify any additional requirements. 

Will I need to sign up for a new plan for each project I export?

With the Premium plan, there’s no limit to how many projects you can make – how many apps you export and what different types they are. You can use Unity to export all the different kinds of apps that Unity supports – iOS, Android, Desktop, VR, etc. 

If you’re delivering by app, then the video files are included in the app and there’s no ongoing streaming data. A mobile app will be up to 4GB (1 hour of footage total at full HD) and will be delivered to people’s phones via the Apple or Google app stores – if sold, they take ~30% of the revenues.

If you’re also delivering it via streaming on the web, then we can have a chat about how best to set up their accounts so that you can track their streaming data separately.

How do I install Unity?

You will need to have a copy of Unity Version 2020.3 installed. For commercial use, there’s a license to pay. But there are a couple of things that might allow you to use it for free or even get some additional funding.

You can now use Unity for free, regardless of your company size