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Now, we lean forward

Interactive film

Interactivity on streaming platforms is changing the way we watch TV & film.

And interactive films are a revolution for the 2020s in every genre – not just drama, but also documentary, children’s, branded content & more. Until now, producing them has been difficult and expensive. But Stornaway changes that.


Designed by creatives, for creatives, our software application empowers writers and producers to take complex ideas and produce compelling stories in an open, flexible and straightforward way.

Meet the Team

Rupert and Kate launched Stornaway after many years of frustration with how hard it is to make interactive films.

Our aim with Stornaway is simple: to get the tech out of the way and allow great storytellers to dream up fun, complex, multilayered stories for mainstream audiences.

We’ve been waiting over a decade for the right time – when audience behaviour, technology and demand has reached a tipping point for interactive stories. That time is now.

Interactive film

Rupert Howe

Rupert has been playing with film and code all his life - from mapping out Forest of Doom and coding it as an adventure game aged nine, to creating the first interactive story on YouTube in 2008.

Rupert’s film work as director and editor has taken him from shooting and cutting on 16mm to being the first mobile videoblogger in the mid 2000s, long before iPhones and apps.

He has spent the last ten years in large media companies translating between top producers and technologists, who rarely speak the same language. Rupert designed Stornaway to be the tool he’s wanted all his life!

Interactive film

Kate Dimbleby

Kate is a producer, writer and performer whose 25 years’ experience of live interactivity is at the heart of our creative writing tools, particularly our Story Map and Story Islands™.

Kate has worked as a producer, writer and performer for over two decades. She has recorded six albums, and has toured the world with theatrical music shows, working with world-class musicians, writers and other artists to tell stories about women's voices.

Kate has also developed a structure for writing and developing her ideas to allow for maximum creative freedom and flexibility particularly live on stage. This is at the heart of our creative writing tools, particularly how we’ve developed our Story Map and Story Islands™️.

Interactive film
Digital Lead

Nic Alpi

Nic is the co-founder of Cookies HQ, Stornaway’s digital lead and outsourced CTO. Nic and the team are focused on building and advising Stornaway on their product and delivering a quality, scalable platform.

Coding from a young age, Nic has always applied his entrepreneurial mind to solving tech problems.

When Nic moved to the UK from France, he quickly saw opportunities to build digital products for clients. This consulting career led him to co-found CookiesHQ, a software development agency based in Bristol.

We’ve come back into the office buzzing, so now everyone here is really excited. We’ve been worrying about how we’d actually pull these shows off – just developing them has been a headache – so this couldn’t have been better timed.

Head of DevelopmentFactual Production Company

You have a seriously impressive piece of software that will clearly save many hours of headaches!

Writer/DirectorDrama Series

Amazing, that put a big smile on my face. Congratulations, A beautifully executed solution.

Technical ManagerChildren’s animation company

Every indie production company should have a Stornaway licence – and commissioners should demand that it be used as a standard.

Senior ExecutiveUS Broadcaster

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