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why aren’t your videos?

Live Q&A: How to add Scores, track progress and personalise viewer journeys

โ€œMiraculously simple and super intuitive.โ€

Martin Percy - BAFTA, Clio and Webby-winning interactive filmmaker

Stornaway lets you plan, produce and publish a huge range of adaptive interactive video experiences like scenario training, quizzes, tours, product demos, ads, presentations to multiple stakeholders, or interactive conversations with customers or staff, and then embed them immediately on any website, app, LMS or social platform, complete with scoring and engagement tracking – or make apps for VR.

Watch this short demo presented by co-founder and video technology pioneer Ru Howe, to find out everything you need to know to get started.

โ€œStornaway is an essential tool for us to refine, test and build interactive projects quickly.โ€

Paul Mallaghan - Creative Director, Tilt (for Diageo/UN global education campaign)