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Creative teams in Entertainment, Business, Learning and Agencies use to easily craft compelling interactive video stories that build powerful lasting relationships with their audiences.

Unlike linear video, branching video stories drive engagement and educational outcomes by connecting directly with the audience to keep them watching and replaying.

Personalise viewer journeys, follow different interests, see things from another perspective, unlock secrets and see the consequences of different choices.

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Where can I publish what I create in is flexible and open, so you can publish your stories to Stornaway’s amazing player, to your own site, to YouTube (currently in Beta) or to other compatible platforms and to applications like Powerpoint which support embeddable players.

Your own site
For a  fully-featured and custom-designed experience, you can publish to your own site using our powerful Stornaway player and streaming platform. Different streaming packages are available – see Pricing for more details.

Make interactive video stories in and publish them direct to YouTube with interactive links, to reach their huge global audience of 2 billion monthly users. Currently in a Private Beta period – contact us here if you’d like to join the Beta.

LMS (Learning Management Systems) projects can be embedded on LMS pages, and included in the SCORM packages that LMS systems and eLearning authoring tools use to exchange data and track learners’ outcomes. We are working on further integrations with LMS standards – please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Take your presentations to another level by embedding interactive video stories into Powerpoint slides, for streaming playback. Download Microsoft’s Web Viewer Add-in to embed web pages – and then just copy the link to your Stornaway project, to play the whole story within a slide, while online.

Unity and Unreal – for Mobile, Steam, Consoles, VR
We’re working on a Unity publishing tool that will let you take your projects into Unity and Unreal for publishing to any of the platforms they use – get in touch to find out more.

Compatible VOD platforms was designed as a universal authoring tool, and we’re working towards integrations with major VOD platforms. If you’re a producer looking to publish to a 3rd party platform, we can solve your storytelling and delivery problems – contact us for more details.

How much does it cost?’s creative tools are free for you to play with and learn about interactive storytelling.

Our fully featured Studio account starts at $29 if you sign up online.

Or contact us about your project if you’d like team pricing, interactive storytelling advice, priority support and training.

You can find full details of our plans and how to sign up on our Pricing page.

Compare our licenses > is all about the interactive creative process

Story Map and Script Editor

Plan and craft interactive stories

In our story map editor, plan out your story by creating and linking ‘story islands’ – write interactive scripts, and share with your team

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Play and test immediately

Upload videos and play instantly

Just click Play to immediately playtest your interactive story, from the earliest stages of your idea, even before you have any video to upload

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Custom-designed experiences

Make anything or anyone clickable

Add clickable text and image buttons, invisible hotspots, customise the style of choices, control rhythm and pacing

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Open and universal authoring

Simple publishing, without coding

Publish interactive stories to your own site, to, to LMS platforms and to Powerpoint slides using our powerful player and streaming platform. Coming soon: publish direct to YouTube

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Use for 14 days for free, to learn interactive filmmaking and publish projects with up to 1000 views

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