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A universal creative platform for a global audience is used by thousands of producers in 150 countries, from experts to newcomers, to create simple powerful interactive video experiences.

Our flexible pricing allows customers to make content for large and small organisations, for marketing, training, education and learning, as well as for film, tv and game projects.

Producers regularly tell us that Stornaway’s creative-friendly interface has revolutionised their creative process by letting them plan, preview and publish their story from start to finish. They are able to tell their story, their way – without coding. Customers 1

Why film, tv and game producers choose

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You’ve created a fantastically straight-forwards and intuitive way to put together interactive stories. And it’s a brilliant way for kids to consume Natural History, and to learn.

Matt Brandon @ Plimsoll Productions
Read more from Paul Raschid in our recent blog: How Paul Raschid makes interactive films without going bananas

Our whole production process has been revolutionised by’s software.

Paul Raschid @ Aviary Films
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The things that were so hard for me 10 years ago are now quite easy! You can just drag and drop bits in and very quickly see how things play out

Rachel Drummond Hay @ Drummer TV

Customer Stories

Take a deeper dive into some of our customer's recent successes and workflows

“When you’re working on interactive conversations, it’s often a case of trial and error, piecing together a flow from lots of tiny snippets. Stornaway is an essential tool for allowing us to experiment, tweak, refine and rebuild quickly and easily.”
Paul Mallaghan, Director of Creative Strategy and Content, Tilt.

We love Stornaway and how easy it is to use. We were able to build an educational sales platform and our clients loved it. We look forward to using it for future projects!
Angelo Castillo, Creative Producer,

Only just signed up and have created some wonderful templates that we will use for training purposes. We have been looking around for something like this for ages
Neil Kenny, Director, Support for employment

Interactive Immersive Theatre Production

Non-technical theatre companies are embracing to create interactive theatrical experiences

Creative Producers in Theatre are using to make enhanced, immersive productions. Whether a standalone project or something that coexists with a play, producers tell us how has revolutionised the way they work and enabled the team to produce something they have only been able to dream about.

Read our case study for the Theatre Royal Bath’s Creative Learning Portal here.

Visit the Plimsoll Productions website

I’d like to say how wonderfully easy it was. I’m really enjoying using the software and it makes me want to be more creative.

Trucy Mutch @ A Gray Space
Read more from Paul Raschid in our recent blog: How Paul Raschid makes interactive films without going bananas

Students described this as one of the most fun and creative projects that they have done during their education.

Liz Karns @ Cornell University
Visit the Drummer Television Website

We found Stornaway via a simple Google search, and it seemed perfect – flexible, affordable and really allowing for a lot of creativity!

Noel Byrne @ Box Tale Soup in university film and game courses is bridging the gap between film and games - Universities all over the world are using it in courses to teach the theory and practice of non-linear narrative and interactive immersive filmmaking.

Selection of University Customers is transforming the teaching of non-linear storytelling for lecturers around the world. Professors and Students are able to create interactive video with our Academic Offer. Embedding the platform as part of the annual toolkit is an easy decision to make!

Universities and film schools in the UK, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America are using Stornaway at the heart of their interactive filmmaking and narrative modules.

Students are adding the vital future-proofing skill of interactive narrative to their CVs and showing off their projects at short film festivals.

Film and game departments are using our no-code collaborative toolset to bridge the gap between traditional filmmaking and immersive content creation.

For example, read more about our partnerships with UWE Bristol here, Southampton Solent here, and American University here.

Some of our student producers recently had their films featured in the Immersive Encounters Film Festival. See our roundtable with them and read their top tips here. See their films on the Immersive Encounters festival site here.

Visit the American University website

The students are so excited about this emerging streaming art form. I’m excited for the opportunity to provide our students with an emerging medium in our field.

Professor Larry Engel @ The Film and Media Arts division American University in Washington, D.C.

Having as an opportunity to get into interactive film is extremely progressive for the University and looks amazing on a creatives portfolio. As a creative myself. I am very excited to be apart of the growth of interactive movie making in modern day. Using this software as students is a very large jump to the previous opportunities we’ve had such as in the first year, the skills I can get from this, is one that is rare at the moment for many aspiring film makers so I’m just glad to be apart of this journey.

Yazmine Chappell, Student @ Southampton Solent University
Young Visions Immersed in Reality

WOW! I mean this is epic!! and the ease of use is incredible. Your innovation means I have confidence I can create a fully immersive, fully interactive, high quality experience to engage and inform young people on some of the most intense circumstances we can find in life.

Steve Hutson @ Young Visions

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