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Interactive storytelling made simple

Immerse your audience in the world you’re creating and the story you’re telling – no coding required.

Stornaway is ideal for making interactive stories and games – from interactive films like The Gallery (see below), to choose-your-own-adventure style stories, documentaries, audiobooks, quizzes and more.

Stornaway is designed to let you immerse yourself in the storytelling without worrying about anything technical – knowing that you have all the code taken care of behind the scenes when you are ready to click Publish. 

Join our community of thousands of interactive storytellers, filmmakers and game designers who love Stornaway’s simplicity and power.

4 stills from interactive entertainment videos - The Gallery. Find me a Girlfriend, Life moves pretty fast and Pandemozia
A Stornaway interactive map - showing lots of islands - some with tabbed variations - linking to other islands.

You’re probably aware of Netflix’s breakout hit Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, but did you know that Netflix now have over 20 more interactive films and interactive tv episodes on their main platform? And across gaming platforms, interactive films are truly entering a golden age

Interactive content is proven to be 81% more effective at keeping an audience’s attention (Qualifio).

360 VR video is crying out to be made more interactive and immersive in the metaverse. A recent research study Global Web Index conducted in the UK and US found that 64% of consumers say VR has the most potential in gaming and another 52% see the potential for it’s use in Film and TV.

Our whole production process has been revolutionised by’s software”

“I started using it while I was still shooting the Gallery, it was that easy. I took my flowchart and inputted it manually into’s user-friendly interface. From there, I was easily able to drop MOV files of the assembly-edited scenes which our editor was cutting in parallel to the shoot. This, for the first time, gave me the ability to review the mechanics of the story as well as give key collaborators a glimpse of this unconventional project that we were working towards.”- Paul Raschid, Director of “The Complex”, “Death Trap Dungeon”, “Five Dates” and “The Gallery”

Ready to get started? See examples of stories and games made in

Interactive Feature Film

The Gallery

A feature-length interactive hostage thriller containing two interactive narratives – set in 1981 and 2021. From leading interactive director Paul Raschid (The Complex; Five Dates; Deathtrap Dungeon). Now available on: Steam (PC & Mac), Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch & Mobile (iOS & Android).
Read Paul talking about his interactive filmmaking process with here.

Interactive vlog game

Life Moves Pretty Fast

Part vlog, part game, the viewer gets to follow Wolfie on multiple paths to work through the city – encountering and re-encountering memorable characters across two timelines. He’s walking to work, like he always does. But today is his birthday – so surely something should be different?
When you’ve played it, have a look at the Playable Map which lets you dive into the story at any point and see the paths not taken!

Interactive Dating Game

Find Me A Girlfriend!

Find Me a Girlfriend is an interactive film that replicates the format of a video game to explore issues such as internalised homophobia and fetishisation within the LGBTQIA+ community. The film embarks on this exploration with the characters, Sam and Alexa.

These issues are introduced to the audience in a video game format, giving them the power to choose how they deal with this

“We create interactive films for children meant to be shown in the cinema. The aim is to give children a different cinema experience. The act of going to the cinema is quite passive, so we want to make the children active participants in the film’s story. And it works, we find that we have quite a captive audience when we show our interactive film.

Stornaway is easy and intuitive to use. Your pricing is awesome, especially being a tiny production company and your customer service was quick, understanding and so helpful.

We really look forward to using Stornaway in our upcoming projects.” – ROTTEfilm

For the Children’s Media Conference, we interviewed 8 writers, producers and heads of interactive about the new type of interactive tv shows being pioneered by Netflix.

We spoke to them about the future of interactive storytelling and asked them to give us some tips when writing and producing interactive film and tv stories.

You can now watch the full video here on CMC’s Youtube channel.

Or read their top tips for anyone looking to produce interactive tv shows in our blog.

5 Reasons to use Stornaway to create interactive stories & games

Reason 1: You focus on the creative, Stornaway will do the tech

“Stornaway is a brilliant company for all ingenues in the immersive story game making business – guiding you through the process from initial script to delivery. All technical and programming issues are taken care of – so you can concentrate on the creative side of things.” – Lily Sykes, Director of P(a)innochio, Staatstheater Kassel, Germany

Stornaway was founded and created by people who have worked in the production industry. When trying to create an interactive project of their own, no system available was supporting them in the right way. 

So they created Stornaway. A tool that allows you to map out your stories and games, to truly visualise your non-linear story in a way that allows you to make sense of all of the various pathways and options.

They made a platform that works with you so that you are free to immerse yourself in creative storytelling.

Gif from Find me a Girlfriend - the concept is introduced.

Reason 2: From idea creation through to final export – map out large interactive journeys and bring them come to life

“The software was easy to navigate and incredibly useful for me as a writer to have at hand. It made it easy to understand how the film would unfold in its interactive form and to communicate with the creative team” – Tyrell Williams, BAFTA Elevate writer/director

When setting out to make an interactive story or game, the first challenge is how you map out your idea. Putting pen to paper and trying to join the expansive story together, it can be easy to get lost!

We’ve tried wall maps with string, floor maps with arrows … eventually, it all becomes too confusing.

With Stornaway, you can clearly map out your idea from initial conception through to final export. Using our patented island system, you – your audience and collaborators – won’t get lost.

Reason 3: Make your viewer’s journey unique with Stornaway’s effective game logic features

The Stornaway game logic features let you create alternative paths for viewers, depending on what they have seen before. lets you craft interactive video stories that your audience will want to replay again and again – to see different choices and perspectives, unlock secrets and follow their interests.

Check out our short tutorial video and learn how to use our game features.

A Stornaway interactive map - showing lots of islands - some with tabbed variations - linking to other islands.

Reason 4: Collaborate and playtest your interactive stories and games. Every step of the way

The island system makes light work of the organising of thoughts, you can share the project with as many collaborators as you want so multiple parties can work on a story at one time and the uploading of film material and exporting for web player is idiot-proof. Best of all, you can play through your story throughout the process to make sure links between stories are working, which saves a huge amount of time in the filming and editing process. A truly groundbreaking tool for exploring a gateway between theatre and film.” – Lily Sykes, Director of P(a)innochio, Staatstheater Kassel, Germany

Stornaway was made to be completely user-friendly and intuitive. Anyone in any company can learn how to use the platform and create interactive videos within minutes. The collaboration feature lets you share privately with your team, production company or distributors for review and feedback.

The platform is controlled by you. Simply clicking Play will allow you to immediately playtest. Even before you have any video to upload, will let you play whatever you’ve planned out, using placeholder videos, images or even text.

This previz is one of Stornaway’s most powerful features: no more waiting to the end to see how your project plays, when it’s too late to change it. You’ll instantly be able to feel how your audience will experience it.

Reason 5: The data you need – Stornaway Analytics

“You have a seriously impressive piece of software that will clearly save many hours of headaches!” –  Writer/Director, UK/US drama series

Numbers mean everything when you release a big project. How many people have watched it? How long did they watch it? With interactive films or games, you may want to know what paths were the most popular. Did anyone find that secret easter egg?

The Stornaway analytics feature allows you to immediately quickly access all of this key information. So that you and your teams can quickly see how engaged your audience is.

Still from interactive feature film The Gallery - a woman sits. The audience must make a choice - "scream" or "get to know Dorian"

Where can I deliver my interactive stories and games?

Deliver your projects to websites, cinemas, YouTube and, via our Unity Plugin, to gaming and app platforms – PlayStation, Nintendo, Steam, XBox, iOS Store, Android Play Store. 

Make your interactive stories and games: engage more, create memories and be super replayable.

Find out more about how people are using Stornaway to create interactive stories and games