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✨ Stornaway Creator Showcase ✨

We’ve handpicked a selection from the 100s of projects we see published every week from our growing community of creators

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💃 International Women's Day

Watch some amazing interactive and immersive projects made by some of our incredibly talented female creators.


Our creators have crafted a hugely diverse range of interactive films and stories that allow the viewer to click and control their adventures.

“ has completed revolutionized our interactive filmmaking process.”

→ ⭐️ Paul Raschid, leading interactive film director (The Gallery, 10 Dates, The Complex)

Training Scenarios

Our creators are using real-life situations for active learning. Put yourselves in the shoes of your audience.

“My students described this as one of the most fun and creative projects that they have done during their education.”

→ 🎓 Liz Karns – Senior Lecturer, Statistics and Data Science, Cornell University.”

Demos, Explainers and tutorials

Take a look at all the ways interactive explainers and demos are being used to give their audiences the information they really need. From simulators, personalised deep-dives and how-tos.

“By far and away, the best interactive authoring tool I’ve had the pleasure of using.
The new Game Logic feature is amazing. Opens up so many potential uses that previously would’ve required me to use Storyline or Captivate to achieve.”

→ 📣 Paul Brennan, Learning Experience Designer

Quizzes and tests

Our creators are making fun and educational quizzes and tests that engage and entice their audiences

“Clients tell us that they are looking for more than just a fun team-building activity or a boring PowerPoint-driven workshop. They want an interactive shared learning experience that demonstrates what is possible when people work together”

→ 👏 Ian Schubach, RedLeaf Virtual Adventures.

360 VR Location Exploration

Let your viewers explore places immersively with 360VR

“When you’re working on interactive conversations, it’s often a case of trial and error, piecing together a flow from lots of tiny snippets. Stornaway is an essential tool for allowing us to experiment, tweak, refine and rebuild quickly and easily.”

→ 🗣 Paul Mallaghan, Director of Creative Strategy and Content, Tilt.

Interactive Conversations

Speak with the experts… ask an expert’s advice, or train staff in soft skills

“Our dream at Stornaway is to make the creation process for interactive and immersive media much easier and more affordable for non-coding creatives.”

→🧙‍♂️Ru Howe, Co-Founder