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Tilt are using to produce interactive educational experiences for their client Diageo. This global project is using the art of interactive conversations to challenge the attitudes of millions towards drink driving

Diageo is one of the world’s biggest producers of spirits and beers. Their reach spans the globe, with a presence in more than 180 countries. As part of their 10-year sustainability action plan, one of Diageo’s priorities is promoting positive drinking. Diageo collaborated with United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) on a project that has targeted the culture of drink-driving. 

As a company with such a widespread presence and influence within the alcohol industry worldwide, how can Diageo use its voice to reach and change the attitudes of five million people towards drink-driving by 2030?

Enter Creative Agency Tilt, who were tasked with creating an interactive educational experience that would challenge the attitudes of millions towards drink driving.

Getting the right angle on the project 

Tilt’s campaign set out to reduce the number of people (globally) who believe that drink-driving is socially acceptable. The project would be targeting several global markets, for a predominantly 18-35-year-old demographic.

The team approached the issue with a desire to understand the reasons why people drink-drive and to communicate the effect that drink driving can have on everyone involved. 

The Pitch -audience-driven interactive video conversations

How do you teach your audience more about the effects of drink-driving and the reasons behind it? The same way the team at Tilt educated themselves – by speaking first hand with those that have been involved in drink-driving.

Tilt wanted to emulate a conversation between the audience and the interviewee, where the audience had the ability to chose which questions they asked and in what order. 

The team pitched the idea of a stand-alone experience – Wrong Side of the Road –  hosted on a subdomain of Diageo’s existing DRINKIQ site, that would allow for interactive video conversations with people who had experienced drink-driving. 

We are Tilt - Wrong Side of the Road website collage

Filmed at home, via video calls – a sign of the current Covid pandemic times with worldwide lockdowns but also a way to add to Tilt’s desire to let the stories speak for themselves. Production values kept at a minimum, creating a space where the power of the stories, their raw, unpolished quality, would add to the realism. 

The stories themselves are presented as if the user is having a direct conversation with them. This approach is at the heart of the impact of this interactive experience. It’s a sense of unfettered access to something that you wouldn’t normally discuss in everyday life – Tilt describe why they chose this format for the educational experience.

Wrong Side of the Road - Video Conversation

Creating an Interactive Educational Experience – Bringing into the mix

Stornaway allowed the team to experiment, collaborate and focus on the storytelling. became a pivotal tool in the creation of this interactive educational experience, based around conversational videos. From the way that the tool allowed editors globally to create videos through to the tool’s ability to share the process with production teams and stakeholders worldwide. – making instant edits

“When you’re working on interactive conversations, it’s often a case of trial and error, piecing together a flow from lots of tiny snippets. Stornaway is an essential tool for allowing us to experiment, tweak, refine and rebuild quickly and easily.” – Paul Mallaghan, Director of Creative Strategy and Content, Tilt. 

Until now, interactive/immersive video experiences have been hard and so the creative output has been limited. Within Stornaway, every user can instantly playtest their project. This is a real game-changer – no longer do producers have to wait for results at the end of the editing process, pulled together in a specialised department. This ability to instantly test the game engine, not only allows you to make sure your story flow makes sense but also to manage the team by giving everyone access to the same story map. 

The production teams creating the interactive conversations videos were able to instantly make edits. They could test how the questions worked to take the viewer on their journey through each story. – bringing the remote teams together

Tilt were collaborating with different production teams around the world to create localised versions of these conversations. From Kenya to the Dominican Republic … it was essential that the tool being used could not only work across the globe but that it would be user-friendly to everyone. can be operated by anyone in the production team – you don’t have to be technical or a video editor to use We have people from all areas of business, marketing, education and entertainment using the tools and loving them! Everyone is happy because the tools being used are simple and intuitive – increasing collaboration and productivity across the board. Learn more about collaboration in

This versatility unblocked any problems for collaborative interactive content creation.  Allowing global teams to move from idea to reality quickly and iteratively – and communicate and share back with one another. – it’s all about the story

“It allows us to focus on the storytelling. We need all our brainpower focused on creating flows that feel natural and engaging, not on juggling dozens of clips and hacking things together in editing software like Premiere.” –  Paul Mallaghan, Director of Creative Strategy and Content, Tilt. was created for content makers. The key driver was to make it simple, initiative and – dare we say it – fun (!) to create your projects. The desire to make interactive projects in a way that wouldn’t be ridiculously complicated was something we wanted and something our clients can benefit from. 

With the ‘how’ figured out, the production companies were free to focus on the heart of the project – the stories from contributors. Just as Tilt had set out to create an experience that placed the raw, honest stories centre stage,’s user-friendly platform was able to keep the producers focused on their storytelling. – sharing the flow

With remote production companies working globally, it was key that all work could be shared quickly and easily with Tilt and their client Diageo. provided that resource. 

“As a client review tool, it’s excellent. It would have been almost impossible for non-technical people to review an interactive flow without a tool like Stornaway.” – Paul Mallaghan, Director of Creative Strategy and Content, Tilt. 

Not only does allow for instant reviews of projects, the platform makes it easy to share previs. Create and name islands, add scripts, plan your story map before any filming – the ultimate way for the creative teams to share their thoughts in a way that anyone in any department could understand. 

Heading in the right direction – project outcome

The project has only been soft-launched at this point, but new country versions are being added frequently. The team expect to share some usage data and results some time in early 2022, but so far feedback from actual users has been very positive.

Find out more about why people use Stornaway for their Scenario-based learning and training with interactive videos.

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