Unlock your non-linear potential with Stornaway.io

Powerfully simple interactive filmmaking tools, designed for creative joy!

Interactive video making software


  • Plan and previsualise interactive projects in Story Maps designed for interactive production
  • Develop your ideas through end-to-end workflow
  • Craft compelling interactive viewer journeys


  • Use Story Map to link maps to scripts and build storylines
  • Play test interactive cuts and see how islands work together
  • Notify production about estimated schedules and budgets
  • Allow content teams to communicate clearly with technology and product teams
Interactive video making software
Interactive video making software


  • Export playable interactive stories as an application into multiple platforms
  • Collaborate with your team to edit
  • Approve and complete projects quicker and easier
  • Choose between building your own interfaces in a no-code environment or working with designers, developers and tech teams to deliver to your SVOD platforms


  • Built on open standards, free from the constraints of proprietary technology
  • Integrates with your existing production management tools
  • Guide viewer journeys without AI
Interactive video making software
Interactive video making software

Story Islands

Stornaway’s Story Islands® are scenes, sequences, chapters or packages, depending on the genre you’re working in.

In the Story Map tool, each Story Island is shown as a box with a brief summary and arrows which show how it links to other islands.

Work in split screen mode or on different screens to follow paths a viewer might take, explore alternatives and get perspective on the whole story.