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We’ve entered a new era of interactive storytelling: video platforms like Netflix and YouTube are enabling streaming interactive films and video story games, with on-screen choices which let the audience decide what happens next. lets you craft interactive video stories that your audience will want to replay again and again – to see different choices and perspectives, unlock secrets and follow their interests.

Examples of recent interactive films on Netflix, YouTube, BBC and Stornaway (see credits top right)

Plan, write, edit and test - without coding

Plan your story visually

The core element of is the Story Island – which might be a scene, a location or a clip. Each island is shown as a box, with arrows which show how it links to other islands.

Stornaway’s Story Map makes it super easy to follow the paths that a viewer might take – to go back and take another path, to zoom out and see the whole story.

Edit and play back immediately

Simply click Play to immediately playtest. Even before you have any video to upload, will let you play whatever you’ve planned out, using placeholder videos.

This previz is one of Stornaway’s most powerful features: no more waiting to the end to see how your project plays, when it’s too late to change it. You’ll instantly be able to feel how your audience will experience it.

Add story layers without adding confusion

On the left side of the box, you can see different variants of each Story Island – perhaps it’s the same scene, but your audience sees a different version of it depending on what they’ve chosen previously.

In other flowchart tools, you have to add these as separate boxes, which quickly gets very messy and confusing. Stornaway’s patented innovation lets you layer them neatly into one tabbed box. For writing, shooting and editing, that’s incredibly powerful.

Write and read non-linear scripts

Using linear writing tools for interactive scripts is a headache – tools like Final Draft can’t create links between pages.

Stornaway’s script editor is designed for non-linear navigation, and each Island in the map clearly links to its own section of script.

Our script pages show the choices to move forwards (and backwards), with links that let you jump to the right pages. See more in our help section here

Choices and Button Settings

Text and Image Buttons

Add clickable words and images

Create text buttons, or upload images as buttons, and make them change when clicked.

Add up to 4 onscreen choices for each video, optimised for both mobile and desktop.

Button Styles

Custom styles and positions

Use the sidebar in the Story Map to customise button styles, positions, text and background colors. Set defaults and individualise for each Island.

Upload your own images to overlay anywhere in the frame, with transparent backgrounds.

Invisible Hotspots

Make anything or anyone clickable

You can make any of your buttons invisible, and set any area of your frame to be clickable.

This lets you use people, objects and complex graphics in your uploaded files and make them clickable without adding buttons. See more here

Countdown Timers

Add countdown timer bars

Let your audience know how long they have left to make a choice with a timer bar that slides down to zero.

Set the colours to match your text buttons, invert or use transparent backgrounds.

Click Timing

Control rhythm and pacing

Choose what happens when your audience makes a choice.

Set the choice to cut to the next clip as soon as the choice is clicked, or set it to wait until the end of this clip and flow on to the next seamlessly.

Default Choices

Set up autopilot choices

When the audience leans back or can’t decide, the story continues. As the author, you decide which path they should follow.

You can also connect islands without choices to edit together seamlessly, and set up hidden paths that are only followed if no choice is made.


Play your game immediately on your website, link in social or export for other platforms.  Watch our tutorial video about this here

Easy no-code publishing

Simply publish to Stornaway, your own site and social

Click Publish to make your story public in our powerful Stornaway player and streaming platform – simply embed it on your own site and link to it on social media

YouTube integration

Export Stornaway stories to YouTube

Plan out your interactive story in Stornaway, and use our Chrome Extension to publish direct to YouTube with interactive links.

Open and universal authoring

Compatible with other interactive platforms

Stornaway was designed as an open, flexible, universal authoring tool, and we’re working towards integrations with major VOD platforms. If you want to plan and test stories in Stornaway and publish to a 3rd party video or gaming platform, contact us.

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