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Turn Stornaway interactive videos into Apps

Did you know that you can make your Stornaway projects into apps for VR, desktop, mobile and gaming platforms?

With the Stornaway App Builder, we can take a project that you’ve designed in Stornaway and convert into an App for VR, PC, Mac, iPads, iPhones, Android, Quest VR, Smart TVs and even game consoles.

We have several levels of service we can offer for this, from a Gold full service offer to a Bronze self-service workflow.

Whatever you make, test and publish in Stornaway, can be delivered as an app for multiple platforms.

So however you choose to reach your audience, the App Builder will enable you to take this amazing step from story creation through to app development – without ever touching a line of code.

The plugin is available to Custom plan users. Please contact us for access.

Made in Stornaway: The Gallery

The Gallery - Paul Raschid used Stornaway to Create his interactive film

The first major interactive feature film created in, “The Gallery”, produced by Aviary Studios, will be released on multiple platforms and as a live interactive experience in cinemas later this year. The Gallery will be the first interactive feature film to be released in theatres at the same time as to Xbox, Playstation, Switch, Steam, iOS and Android.

“Stornaway has completely revolutionised our way of working, saving time and money and allowing me to put more budget onscreen.” The writer-director of “The Gallery”, prolific interactive filmmaker Paul Raschid, is already working on his next interactive film.

Aviary Studios have been working with our team at to develop their workflow for delivery from via Unity to these platforms.

This collaboration has enabled us to create this amazingly powerful and incredibly simple plugin. Therefore helping to pave the way for future creators wanting to do the same, across all industries.

Find out more about Paul Raschid and The Gallery: