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Empowering Enterprises with Interactive Video Solutions

Seamlessly integrate with your existing authentication systems for enhanced security and ease of use.

Our solutions

Enterprise: Hosted

For organisations wanting multiple creator/user licenses and delivery to website/LMS.

  • App builder – for no code VR and app delivery.
  • Annual Enterprise/Agency offer or one-off solutions for events and trade shows or Annual Enterprise contract
  • Interactive film and game production workflow
  • NEW: Interactive VOD platform technology / On-premise solution

Feature Highlights

🔒Security and Compliance

We Support Your Organization’s Security and Compliance Needs

  • SOC2
  • ISO
  • Fedramp
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🖱 Single Sign-On (SSO)

We offer Single Sign-on to enable teams to securely access Stornaway with a single click using your cloud or on-premise platforms without compromising on security.

✍️ White Labelling

Create personally branded videos with our white-labelling feature.”


  • Customise the player control colours
  • Upload your own logo or your client’s
  • Link to White Labelling Video

⛔️ Domain Locking

Secure your projects on your own domain.

Find out more about domain locking

💻 Self-Hosting

For those with high-security requirements, we offer a self-hosted player package.

Most organisations use our specially designed and optimised interactive player hosted by us and streamed through the Stornaway servers. For those who need to host and stream from behind their own firewall, we provide a self-hosted player package.

📲 Standalone App Creation

Offline Interactive Video Apps for Tradeshows, Exhibitions, and Live Events

Create engaging, interactive video experiences that work offline, perfect for tradeshows, exhibitions, and live events.


  • Fully functional without an internet connection
  • Customisable interactive features
  • Optimised for performance on various devices
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What Our Clients Say

Morgan ObregonDirector of Content Operations, Living Security

Once we had the interactive experience built with Stornaway, it was so reusable and repeatable for an audience or for one-to-one training that it was widely accepted by clients and celebrated once we saw the interactive element.

Paul BrennanLearning Experience Designer

So in terms of the results, SPECTACULAR is probably the word I would use. Thanks to Stornaway, we were able to produce a series of highly-authentic, robust, excellent live-play examples that these guys could work through during their induction and deploy that straight into their digital learning platform. And it was just a game changer in terms of what we were able to achieve for the sales and for the field engineer guys.

Mia PaleyDigital Design Consultant, Direct Line Group

It's been massively exciting to be able to bring that new technology into the business and to really see it help our new guys get that kind of hearts and minds bit behind it as well. So not just the process, but really putting them in the customer's shoes and as you can imagine, in a safe environment, because what we don't want to do is test that out on a customer that's already in a really awful situation, broken down at the side of the road.

Romain C. HeraultUniversity Lecturer, Video Producer, Researcher

The whole goal of this is to bring that to professionals and, well, they
are on the move and they have to train. And this is where the web-based service that Stornaway provides in a very stable way helps a lot.

Paul MallaghanCreative Director, Tilt (for Diageo/UN global education campaign)

Stornaway is an essential tool for us to refine, test and build interactive projects quickly

Kat RolleyDigital Learning and Engagement Consultant

You’re always going to retain information better if you effectively engage with the learning experience.

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