Examples Of Stornaway.io In Use

Producers are using Stornaway.io to create interactive films, games and viewer journeys for

Entertainment – interactive film, tv & theatre story games

Business – training, internal comms, sales & marketing

Learning – e-learning content and creative projects

Examples of recent interactive films on Netflix, YouTube, BBC and Stornaway (see credits top right)


Life Moves Pretty Fast

(UK, 2020) | Open Full Screen
Wolfie’s walking to work, like he always does. But today is his birthday. Surely something should be different?
Part vlog, part game, the viewer gets to follow Wolfie all over Bristol, on multiple paths through the city – encountering and re-encountering memorable characters across two timelines. Behind Ru Howe’s signature jump cut editing and Wolfie’s wide eyed vlogging are layered some wonderfully meditative moments and conversations.
When you’ve finished, why not have a look at this Playable Map which lets you dive into the story at any point and see the paths not taken!


(Germany, 2021) | Open Full Screen

Staatstheater Kassel presents this interactive immersive theatre game adaptation of Pinocchio, by Lily Sykes and Thomaspeter Goergen. Decisions… decisions… you decide! So many possibilities and non-possibilities. Follow the fox, follow the cat, into the rabbit hole, into the whale’s mouth … but what is being played? Maybe cricket? Maybe croquet? Or is it Jiminy?! When you wish upon a star / Makes no difference who you are / Anything your heart desires / Will come to you. Good luck – you will need it!


(Poland, 2021) | Open Full Screen

Pandemioza is a modern, interactive audiobook that draws inspiration from life to take audiences on a journey through the typical day of someone trying to survive another month in lockdown.

Wojciech Jeżowski, director and film producer, decided to collect and publish his thoughts on forced isolation and its related troubles featuring a cast of well-known Polish actors and actresses.

Oqijay EPK

(Germany, 2021) | Open Full Screen

The House of Music Entertainment in Winterbach, Germany have created a fantastic interactive promo EPK for their music artist Oqijay.

Play his songs, flick through his biog and photo album or download a press release with mp3 clips.  The choice is yours!

Behind Closed Doors

(Denmark, 2021) | Open Full Screen
This short horror by cinematographer/director/producer team of Josefine Midtgaard, Hanna Szwebs and Laura Bonde Pedersen is the gripping and disturbing story of a young woman in Copenhagen who’s just moved into a new apartment far away from family and friends. To her dismay, her life isn’t as easy as imagined, as she becomes witness to strange and ominous things happening around the apartment, which she suspects is related to an old nordic mythical creature called Draugur…

Gym Stars

(UK, 2020) | Open Full Screen

This is a playable interactive episode of Gym Stars (Drummer TV/CBBC). Follow 6 of your favourite stars and/or the whole team from the series – Dove and Nyree, Chase, The Acro Team, George & Harry, Issy as they prepare for competitions, struggle with injuries, build relationships and live their lives alongside the high pressure environment of competitive gymnastics. This taster version has some sped up sections in the middle of each scene – made by BAFTA and RTS award winning children’s production company Drummer TV.

Select A Quest

(UK, 2020) | Open Full Screen

Aimed at ages 6+ and made in lockdown in only 72 hours (!) by Pins and Needles theatre company on a tiny budget with 27 scenes and 9 actors filming from home,  Select A Quest is brimming with silliness, heart and humour and is a testament to what you can achieve in Stornaway.io with a creative team and some imagination. You’ve fallen through a time portal and find yourself in 1971 at Quest Camp, deep in the heart of the Freaky Forest – the UK’s most cursed forest. Can you survive the Freaky Forest and find Captain Jenny’s whistle before nightfall?

The Gallery - coming soon

The Gallery

(UK, 2021) | Coming soon

A feature length interactive hostage thriller in two parts, from leading interactive director Paul Raschid (The Complex; Five Dates). An art dealer is held hostage by a portrait painter who threatens to detonate a bomb unless the artist’s ever-changing demands are met. The viewer must make decisions in a bid to better understand and escape their captor. However, it soon becomes apparent that not only the life of the protagonist hinges on these decisions, but also the lives of others. Currently in post-production – released autumn 2021.

A Little Hungover

(UK, 2021) | Open Full Screen

Tyrell Williams’ interactive comedy “A Little Hungover” was released in October 2020 at Immersive Encounters Film Festival. The film was made on almost no budget by Zoom in lockdown and stars Patrick Elue as Naïve employee Sam trying to navigate an important video work meeting with his temperamental boss, Alex (played by Elizabeth Hammond). The audience get to help Sam navigate the thin line between being honest and being employed.

Business and Charities

Construction Safety Training

(Canada, 2021)

This Canadian training film (in French) lets you see what happens if you use protective safety equipment or not, and see the consequences of different training scenarios in a building site. Made by August Riksen for Synergy Formwork.

Personalised School Open Day

(France, 2021)
Let three students give you a tour of the courses and spaces at this design school in France. Clara, Guillaume and Simon vie and banter a little to show you their favourite bits, and let you follow your interests to find out more. Made for the ESDL by Adrien Terroir of Dune Production.

Interactive Business Seminar

(Brazil, 2021)

This simple but elegant and effective interactive seminar about business models (in Portuguese) by Herick Ferreira at ONI in Brazil combines the teacher talking to camera over a slide deck, with questions and answers presented as onscreen buttons.

Virtual Visit to a Museum

(Switzerland, 2021)
Visit this historic paper mill in Basel, Switzerland, learn about its history and about the traditional process of making paper from rags. Take in the museum’s peaceful surroundings and follow your interests to get a taste of what it’d be like to visit the museum in person. Made by Stephan Graf of Stories for Brands.


Creative Learning Portal

(UK, 2021)

The brilliant and innovative creative team at The Egg, Theatre Royal Bath are using Stornaway.io to make a Creative Learning Portal for their show about the life of legendary African-American entertainer, activist and French Resistance fighter Josephine Baker, to be explored by teachers and children in classrooms before and after the play.

With Josephine’s ‘grandson’ as their guide, children will make choices to expand their thinking by journeying through more than 26 different films, activities, interviews and experiences.

Interactive University Lectures

(Turkey, 2021)

Interactive lectures/seminars about language by Doç. Dr. Ahmet Naim Çiçekler of the Department of Turkish language and literature at Istanbul University.

Guided Reading Class

(UK, 2021)

A reading class coached by Sherlock Holmes – created simply by Reading Rockstar, with still images and voiceover. Children are asked to complete a series of tasks by Sherlock, with questions to personalise their experience according to how much they know about Sherlock and how ready they are for the tasks.

Learning Through Play

(Venezuela, 2021)

A children’s show to encourage learning through play, which gives them options to suit them, like listening to stories and learning to make paper masks. Made by Plastilinarte.

Interactive Film & Game Courses

(USA & UK, 2020-1) | Open Full Screen

University film and game courses in the USA and UK have been using Stornaway.io in student projects and courses. This is one example of a project by a class of 1st year film students at American University in Washington DC. They each wrote and directed a film in lockdown, collaborating with each other and designing a world they called the ‘circle of hell’, with 7 interconnecting shorts – at the end of each, you get a choice to view another.

Experimental Films

(UK, 2021) | Open Full Screen

Kate Moody, Felix Hodgson and Louis Barron-Forde, all film students at University of the West of England, used Stornaway.io in their experimental film course to make this beautiful experimental exploration of memory.

Other student drama and experimental and game projects are currently being made as part of film courses or independently by students – if you’re a student or running course, get in touch about our academic offers and support.

And much more!

The above is a sample of some recent highlights

These are just a few of the many areas and projects that people are using Stornaway.io for the moment, to give you a taste of the huge range of ways that imaginative people are playing with interactive video stories.

As well as a fabulous delivery platform, Stornaway.io is also in use in creative agencies and game studios to let them easily design, prototype and pitch interactive projects which will end up on other platforms: VR, Steam, Consoles, AR (via Unity or Unreal), SVODs, YouTube and more.

Get in touch to find out more – and sign up now to have a play.

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