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Interactive Video Examples – Made with Stornaway

From the thousands of interactive video projects made in Stornaway, we’ve chosen just a handful of fabulous examples to show you what’s possible – click below to jump to a section, or scroll down to see them all:

These are just some of the possibilities – imagine what you could create!

Choose-your-own-adventure-style story games

Interactive films and scenario-based learning games

Deutsche Telekom – #PlayYourDay

Virtually experience the day in the life of a Deutsche Telekom employee, choose where you want to work and meet colleagues along the way. Made for potential employees by a small in-house team, allowing you to visualise yourself in the role of a cutting-edge, Telekom employee. Delivered to social channels and on the campaign website. 

Read the case study about making Play Your Day 

Find out more about making interactive employee onboarding videos with Stornaway

The Gallery – high budget interactive film for all gaming platforms

The Gallery - Paul Raschid used Stornaway to Create his interactive film

With over 5 hours of footage and gameplay, this feature-length interactive hostage thriller from leading interactive director Paul Raschid (The Complex; Five Dates; Deathtrap Dungeon) has 2 narratives – one set in 1981 and the other in 2021. An art dealer is held hostage by a portrait painter who threatens to detonate a bomb unless the artist’s ever-changing demands are met.

Starring George Blagden (‘Vikings’ & ‘Versailles’), Anna Popplewell (‘The Chronicles of Narnia’), Rebecca Root (The Queen’s Gambit), Richard Fleeshman (The Sandman), Shannon Tarbet (Killing Eve), Fehinti Balogun (I May Destroy You) and Kara Tointon (Eastenders).

Buy now (see links to buy here) on: Steam (PC & Mac), Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch & Mobile (iOS & Android).

How has Stornaway revolutionised Paul’s interactive filmmaking process?

Devogame – Scenario-based cybersecurity thriller challenge

Leading IT consulting firm Devoteam produces a Devogame every September, testing students’ technical knowledge and validating the skills they need. In 2021, Devoteam created an interactive video game in This scenario-based learning challenge tested the students’ soft skills; concentration, decision-making, adaptability and leadership. 

Read the blog about how they made it

Life Moves Pretty Fast – low budget interactive film – web and apps

Made by the Stornaway team when designing Stornaway, this has proved perennially popular. Part vlog, part game, the viewer gets to follow Wolfie on multiple paths to work through the city – encountering and re-encountering memorable characters across two timelines. He’s walking to work, like he always does. But today is his birthday – so surely something should be different?

When you’ve played it, have a look at the Playable Map which lets you dive into the story at any point and see the paths not taken!

Explore Places Immersively

Let your audience explore locations in video or 360VR

MGM’s Pink Panther and the Case of the Missing Diamond – a location-based, interactive adventure

3 images taken of the Pink Panther app in action. Top left, cartoon, a man stands in front of a falling painting. The words " not everything is obvious" are in white with a pink background on the front of the screen. Underneath, there are two options: "view security footage" "integrate someone else" Top right - cartoon - a short moustached man wears a beige trench coat and hat. He looks questioningly at a tall woman wearing grey. Bottom - three smartphones each show a snippet of the pink panther experience

Available in cities across the US. Find out where and how you can play.

Pink Panther and the Case of the Missing Diamond is a fabulous location-based interactive adventure that navigates the viewer to play different scenes of the story when you visit different locations. Brilliantly, the locations adapt to fit your own town or city! Cartoon scenes filled with clues are delivered to the viewers’ smartphones as they move around the location – and the viewers can work as a team, discovering hints and clues to help Inspector Clouseau crack the case.

Stornaway’s interactive player was embedded into the ingenious design of the Bounce app. Watch this space for more, and follow the link above to find out how and where you can play.

Endless Adventure – virtual tour with a twist for Canadian heritage park

Engagement levels soared for the interactive living history museum Fort Edmonton Park in Canada, who won an Innovative Use of Technology award for this immersive virtual tour created with creative agency Sticks and Stones.

Dive into the case study

Tiree – explore the beautiful Hebridean island in 360VR

We created a Stornaway VR app while visiting the Isle of Tiree. We’ve created a video that is a mix of 360 videos and still images. We then took this project and turned it into a Meta Quest VR app – in minutes!

Find out more about how to create your own apps.

Visit the Papermill Museum in Basel

Learn about traditional methods of paper-making with an interactive tour around the Papermill Museum in Basel, Switzerland.

Interactive Conversations

Ask an expert’s advice, or train staff in soft skills

Find your Flavour – ask the Master Roaster

Want to know which Manaka Coffee best suites your taste buds? Ask the master roaster! Let Phumlani help you find out as he takes you on an interactive journey to test your taste buds. You can trust him… he knows his Manaka Coffee.

Wrong Side of the Road – talk to drink drivers about their experiences

A lady on a video call awaits a question - the viewer is offered a choice of two questions at the bottom of the screen.

Diageo is one of the world’s biggest producers of spirits and beers. Their reach spans the globe, with a presence in more than 180 countries. As part of their 10-year sustainability action plan, Diageo collaborated with United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) on a project that has targeted the culture of drink-driving.

Agency WeAreTilt wanted to emulate a conversation between the audience and the interviewee, where the audience had the ability to chose which questions they asked and in what order.

The team pitched and delivered the idea of a stand-alone experience hosted on Diageo’s existing DrinkIQ site, that would allow for interactive video conversations with people who had experienced drink-driving.

Bristol Aquarium – student-made interactive interview

Interview an expert at Bristol Aquarium, ask about the sea life and see the fish. Students at Boomsatsuma sixth form college made this interactive interview video as a commission for the Aquarium.

Educational Experiences

Take learners of all ages on fantastic journeys of discovery

The Illuminated Text – Shakespeare learning experience

Dive into Shakespeare’s words in four dimensions! Created by Rob Myles for North America’s largest classical repertory theatre company Stratford Festival’s outreach programme – Stratfest@home. This interactive video studies Shakespeare from four different angles. Using a verse from Hamlet, the video puts the exploration in your hands. Choose an angle to approach the text, choose a line and find out more!

Climate Change Simulation – Seton Hall Stillman School of Business

Created collaboratively by a class of students at Seton Hall University’s Stillman School of Business, this interactive project asks its viewers to save the planet. By taking on the role of a citizen or the President of the United States, the player must make choices to mitigate the potentially disastrous effects of climate change.

Egg Theatre, Theatre Royal Bath – Josephine Baker Learning Portal

The creative team at The Egg, Theatre Royal Bath used to make a Creative Learning Portal for their show about the life of legendary African-American entertainer, activist and French Resistance fighter Josephine Baker. Available to be explored by teachers and children in classrooms before and after the play, journeying through more than 26 different films, activities, interviews and experiences.

Read about how the team created this digital learning portal

Find out more about making engaging online videos for Students.

MagicFest by Kevin Quantum- Online Interactive Magic School

BGT semi-finalist Kevin Quantum hosts a free to use 8-lesson virtual magic course for primary school children aged 7-10, illustrating key aspects of the primary school curricula, such as numeracy and literacy as well as a virtual magic school. MagicFest , made with Stornaway.

Demos, Explainers and Tutorials

Let different audiences choose the information most relevant to them

Pitney Bowes – SAM learning system

The Craft worked with Pitney Bowes to explain their new Smart Access Management (SAM). An interactive video showing the new system through the eyes of an employee, a contractor or a visitor. So you can get only the information that’s relevant to you.

Landes School of Design – choose a course and tour the school

Three students give you a personalised tour of the courses and spaces at l’École Supérieure de Design des Landes – a design school in France. Clara, Guillaume and Simon vie and banter a little to show you their favourite bits, and let you follow your interests to find out more – made by Adrien Terroir, freelance videographer.

Test Your Knowledge

Fun and educational quizzes and tests

Migration Run – a visa quiz for the UN

For the UN’s International Labour Organization, Green Bamboo Pictures created an interactive explainer and quiz to test people’s knowledge of migrating to the EU with a work visa – allowing them to access the information and questions most relevant to them.

Available on YouTube here

Read about how the UN tested learning with an interactive video explainer 

A Historical Tour of Florence – a location based quiz

Take your class outdoors virtually – and ask them questions to make sure they’re fully engaged! This is an interactive history lesson (in Italian), which your teacher acts as a tour guide cycling around the beautiful city of Florence/Firenze and asks you questions. Expect questions every minute or two – if you speak Italian. Otherwise, enjoy the scenery!

Read more about how to use with your students or in your LMS

Interactive Showreels

Let potential customers or employers explore your portfolio in depth

Suited and Booted Agency – End of year showcase

Suited and Booted created an interactive showcase that allowed you to browse through their projects from the year. You have the control. You can play through the content at your own pace and, using filters, choices you have already made are filtered out. When you’re ready, you can head to the exit. 

Oqijay – Music Promo EPK

The House of Music Entertainment in Winterbach, Germany have created a fantastic interactive promo EPK for their music artist Oqijay.

Play his songs, flick through his biog and photo album or download a press release with mp3 clips.  The choice is yours!

Student Projects for Interactive Media Courses

Universities all over the world are teaching interactive narrative with Stornaway

Behind Closed Doors – Danish urban horror

This short horror by cinematographer/director/producer team of Josefine Midtgaard, Hanna Szwebs and Laura Bonde Pedersen for their masters project at Copenhagen University is the gripping and disturbing story of a young woman in Copenhagen who’s just moved into a new apartment far away from family and friends, which she suspects is related to an old nordic mythical creature called Draugur.

Watch Hannah in a Roundtable discussion at Encounters Film Festival to hear about the team’s experience using Stornaway.

Life Is… Interactive Documentary project

Filmmakers Chloe Skalenko & Max Caulfield: The Wonder Twins, have produced an interactive documentary about the classic story game Life is Strange. Engaging, fun and very re-playable.

Produced for film school and promoted across a wide range of social media platforms. This fan-fiction documentary is gaining a big following!

Check out details on their upcoming next project: Hope Circle >>

Find Me A Girlfriend – Interactive Dating Game

An interactive film which replicates the format of a video game by Somriddho Dasgupta at Royal Holloway University of London. It explores issues such as internalised homophobia and fetishisation within the LGBTQIA+ community. The film embarks on this exploration with the characters, Sam and Alexa.

These issues are introduced to the audience in a video game format, giving them the power to choose how they deal with this.

Lost and Found – an experimental film

Kate Moody, Felix Hodgson and Louis Barron-Forde, all film students at University of the West of England, used in their experimental film course to make ‘Lost and Found’, a beautiful experimental exploration of memory.

Now it’s your turn …