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🏆 Ready to level up your learning and training?

😮 Did you miss our Meet the Experts - Adaptive Video for Learning, 7th May event?

💡Why should you use Stornaway to use adaptive videos for learning?

Learning designers and teams across the world are using Stornaway to create engaging, effective and reusable adaptive videos for learning. The proof is in the results. Don’t just take our word for it, let some of our creators explain to you why they love using Stornaway 🫶

“Once we had the interactive experience built with Stornaway, it was so reusable and repeatable for an audience or for one-to-one training that it was widely accepted by clients and celebrated once we saw the interactive element.” Morgan Obregon, Director of Content Operations, Living Security.

💡 What will you make? Check out some templates and get inspired

Scenario Training

Employee Onboarding

Interactive Conversations

🔁 Catch up: February 2024 Learning Webinar

This free, exclusive interactive learning event was aimed at Learning teams and agencies seeking to harness creative potential within their organisation and expand their engagement.

Questions for our speakers? Find out about the challenges they each had and how adaptive video helped them solve these.

With a keynote from Martin Percy, Q&A with our panelists and an introduction to our speakers.

🌟 Using for your adaptive videos for learning: key platform features

Head over to our features page or watch some of our video tutorials below:

Along with many, many more features for you and your team to use. From SCORM/LMS compatibility, unlimited views, instant playtesting, subtitling and custom button editing, you can really make your projects unique, reusable and truly engaging.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Get inspired

Crafted to ensure that you can get started straight away, Stornaway is designed for non-technical users to pick up quickly.

For Quest, Apple Vision Pro, mobile & desktop apps – with no coding!

Keep your player “on-brand”

Stornaway lets you plan, produce and publish adaptive interactive learning experiences for your web and learning platforms.

Keep track of scores, adjust character relationships or manage inventories

See what your audience is watching and engaging with

Get it all planned out. Which Stornaway plan is right for you?

We have a plan for all occasions, even a free trial to get you started.

📣“By far and away, the best interactive video authoring tool I’ve had the pleasure of using.
The new Game Logic feature is amazing. Opens up so many potential uses that previously would’ve required me to use Storyline or Captivate to achieve.” Paul Brennan, Learning Experience Designer

Jump in today with our free plan to test and demo the platform with to your team.

Our packages can be created and customised to ensure that you and your team have the set-up that works for you. So get in touch with our solutions team via our contact form and check out 🔬Stornaway Labs to learn more about some of the possibilities with add-ons and customisations, using our player API, Unity plugin, Adobe integrations and more.

And remember, we’re always here to help

Our support team pride ourselves on our rapid responses – please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, in any language.