$ 29

per month
Interactive filmmaking simplified:

✓ Drag & drop interactive videos
✓ Test & previz immediately
✓ Write interactive scripts
✓ Add game logic
✓ Collaborate securely
Then publish on another platform
or use our amazing player:
✓ Custom styles and buttons
✓ Embed for web or mobile
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New pricing coming in the New Year!



The greatest tools at the greatest price

Our mission is to make interactive video storytelling simple and affordable for producers of all kinds.

No other tools allow such easy production, previz & playtesting of interactive video stories. We designed Stornaway as a complete script-to-screen authoring system. Our aim is for open integration with all platforms – this is just the beginning.

You can publish on a page for desktop or mobile viewing (like this) – or embed our player on your site (like this). Contact us for details of our streaming pricing – new pricing will be announced in the New Year.

Or you can use to easily produce, previz and playtest your story to perfection, and then use your design to publish it on another platform, like YouTube or Vimeo or your own app or game.

We also give support, advice and consultancy for our customers venturing into this new wave of interactive storytelling.

And we’re busy building the next set of features, including integrations with other platforms and immersive authoring tools.

We offer very low rates and deals for more viewer streaming, academic license rates, and discounts for teams and annual payment. We’ll customise a package for you on request.

Please contact us for more information, and for a personal demo.

And do sign up to have a play – it’s the best way to get inspired!

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