What used to cost tens of thousands, now costs only:TRY FREE FOR 7 DAYS

$ 50

user per month
Stornaway does everything:

✓ Plan, produce and publish
✓ Map out stories visually
✓ Play them immediately
✓ Write interactive scripts
✓ Add game logic to choices
✓ Collaborate securely
✓ Publish to our player
✓ Embed for web or mobile
✓ Export for other VOD platforms

✓ 40GB video storage
✓ 100 hours HD streaming


Priced for creative production

Our affordable monthly user subscriptions mean you’re free to scale your creative team up and down throughout at different stages of production.

Have a play first, with a free 7 day trial. Add your payment details later.

Stornaway is easy to use, but we also provide expert advice about interactive storytelling to producers, commissioners and engineering teams.

Our open standard format is designed to be compatible with third party platforms without requiring Stornaway technology to be integrated.

So if you’re creating interactive stories for another streaming platform, you can still use Stornaway’s delightful tools to plan, write produce and play your story throughout production.

We offer discounts for larger teams, non-profits and annual payment, and custom installations for enterprise.

Extra storage and streaming available on request.

Please contact us to find out how we can support your journey.

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