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Since Stornaway came about in 2020 – co-founded/created/brought to life by Ru Howe and Kate Dimbleby – the platform has helped the non-linear stories of thousands of creators come into existence! People all around the world are making interactive videos for hundreds of different uses.

Learn about a few of the ways that creators have been using to make interactive videos!

“The world is ready for new kinds of stories for the 2020s – and is here to unlock their creation!” – Kate 

We are seeing ever more creative uses of the tools, from feature films and immersive theatre to demos and tours, from recruitment and training to challenges and behaviour change campaigns.

The uses of interactive media stories are exploding (seemingly by the day!).

“Interactive video is not just a video with a button on it. It’s a new way of thinking about video. It’s joining up multiple clips into a viewer journey.” – Ru 

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Dive into some of the ways that innovative creators are using to :

Bring the team together with Employee Onboarding Videos

#PlayYourDay – Deutsche Telekom – Employee Onboarding Video

“ was great it really made the whole process simpler we had been looking at other tools and none offered the simple interface that did. It really helped to keep the overall storyline of the video organised.”– Leo Bentley, Deutsche Telekom Global Business Solutions Iberia

DEUTSCHE TELEKOM - employee onboarding video

Deutsche Telekom set out to change how people viewed the role of a Deutsche Telekom employee. The project was aimed at future, potential and current Telekom employees. Show them all that they are a fast-paced, fun company where everyone communicates at eye level regardless of their position.

With an audience built up of thousands of potential employees, the pressure was on. The team needed to teach, engage and, most importantly, challenge any negative preconceived ideas about having Telekom as an employer. They decided to create an interactive day-in-the-life style video that would show exactly what it was like to work at Deutsche Telekom.

Turning to, the creative teams could up-skill quickly. Rather than spending time working out how to code the interactivity, more money and time could be spent ‘onscreen’ and on the “playability” of the story.

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Embrace remote learning with Interactive Learning Games

Devogames – Ikimasho, Devoteam & CCUA – Interactive Learning Game

“We were looking for software that would allow us to map our story in a graphic way, then attach video clips to our nodes … Stornaway felt different. It looked simpler, straight to the point, with quirky (and dense) demo videos and an intriguing island paradigm. We set up a test account, got going… and never looked back.” – Oliver Piasentin, Producer, Ikimasho 

DEVOGAME - interactive video game

Devoteam produces Devogame every September- a game that challenges students in new and innovative ways. From testing their technical knowledge to validating the skills they need on their course.

Whilst preparing for their 6th year of Devogames, and with an audience of evermore technology-savvy students, the team wanted to offer something different. A new, exciting concept and a much-talked-about experience.

Creating an interactive video game in allowed the team to put their students at the heart of the experience. And using, the team could discard all technical questions and focus on the story.

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Continue the immersive nature of educational theatre with Digital Learning Portals

Josephine Baker – Digital Learning Portal – The Egg Theatre

“Stornaway is like being given a huge toy box of blocks that join in all sorts of interesting ways! It’s addictive!” – Ed Harker, Headteacher and Educational Consultant for the CLP

A look inside the Josephine Baker Interactive digital learning portal

The Egg at the Theatre Royal Bath have been using to create an enhanced performance experience for students and teachers. The interactive learning portal engages students and teachers across the country. Available to be played in the classroom, before and after seeing a live show.

With 250+ button options; English, Welsh and BSL language versions; archive footage; original content; multiple start points… This project would have taxed the brain of even the most experienced interactive video maker !

In a play about a real human being – Josephine Baker – it was crucial that the truth and heart of the story were able to take centre stage. With, the technology was available as a tool to showcase and add further ways to engage with the story.

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Dive into serious topics with Interactive Conversations

Wrong Side of the Road – Tilt & Diageo – Interactive Conversations

“When you’re working on interactive conversations, it’s often a case of trial and error, piecing together a flow from lots of tiny snippets. Stornaway is an essential tool for allowing us to experiment, tweak, refine and rebuild quickly and easily.” – Paul Mallaghan, Director of Creative Strategy and Content, Tilt

Wrong Side of the Road - Video Conversation

Tilt have been using to produce interactive educational experiences for their client Diageo. These interactive conversations challenge the attitudes of millions towards drink driving.

In an effort to emulate a conversation between the audience and the interviewee, the audience has the ability to choose which questions they ask and in what order.

Wrong Side of the Road –  hosted on Diageo’s existing DRINKIQ site – features a collection of interactive video conversations with people who had experienced drink-driving.

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Become part of the customer journey with Product Explainer Videos

landman® Company Demo – landman® – Company/Product Explainer Video

“We use video so that the future customer can get a grip of our concept and numerous possibilities before our online meetings. Adding interactivity to videos was the logical next step for us to provide customers with the best possible experience and support. In terms of interactivity … We are only at the start of our journey but the responses are very promising and we are very hopeful for the future.” – Matthias Van den Avont, CEO, landman®

Landman Interactive Product Explainer Video

landman® is a Belgium based real-estate company putting itself above the competition by sourcing out homes and land that are not-yet for sale on the market.

They needed to create a video that explained exactly how they work and the benefits that their customers (and future customers) would experience by working with them. This video would be used to give information to their new customers in an accessible and engaging way. Featuring the CEO, Matthias Van den Avont, to demonstrate the familiarity of the company.

As ever, with videos becoming a standard marketing tool, landman® wanted to stand out above their competition! They turned to interactive videos and – after finding in an organic Google search – they set off to create a video that would be a simple company explainer to their users.

Utilising the magic of the external link, the creative team were able to create an interactive video that explained, engaged and moved the customer along the journey !

Looking at making interactive video for you or your team? Let’s talk! Get in touch if you would like to talk about the best way of using for your upcoming project.