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📣 Stand out and be heard: use interactive video for marketing, comms and retail

“A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million and an interactive video is worth a billion.”

With so many different things vying for the attention of your audience, you need to get your message across. That stand out. That make your audience sit forward and listen. allows you to make videos that engage. Improve your CTR and your watch time. Create videos that are on-brand, that autoplay, that work for all screen sizes from phones through to conference screens, from VR headsets to cinema screens.

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“Interactive content quickly drives more real interest and engagement. It builds better brand recall and reinforces key messages to help our clients break through the noise.”Nick Handley, Video Marketing Producer – find out how Nick used Stornaway to create an interactive video for a recent trade show.

🌟 Using for Marketing, Comms and Retail: key platform features

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Stornaway has been created to allow you to fully plan and playtest all of the journeys and options that each user may face. When you can easily draw up those paths and connections, you can truly get into the shoes of the viewer and make a personalised journey. 

🔍 Find out more about why personalisation leads to greater brand loyalty.

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🗺 Replicating your project is easy. Reuse, repurpose.

🚀 White labelling, analytics, domain locking, app creation and more

🗺 Customise your customer journey and drive traffic to your website and product

Make your adaptive videos: deliver more, engage more and personalise the experience for your audience.