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Want To Engage Your Students With More Engaging Online Video?

Stornaway makes it easy and simple for you to make more engaging online videos for students.

No learning curve. No coding. Now you (and your Faculty) can create fun interactive content (just like Netflix!) : 

  • Stream live in lessons to discuss scenarios and assess decision-making.  
  • Deliver as online content to students working remotely.
  • Embed videos on any LMS and link to other pages on your site.
  • Focus on the learning outcomes whilst we deliver the technology that students have come to expect.
4 screenshots from interactive training videos made in Stornaway. Those featured are: #PlayYourDay from Deutsch Telekom, Wrong Side of the Road from Diageo, Devogames from Devoteam and the Josephine Baker Digital Learning Portal from The Egg.

Why use Stornaway for your online education  

Learning through doing – after 2 years online, video content needs to be more engaging. Interactive video empowers the student, making them feel part of the conversation.

Interactive Video engages viewers by requiring regular action – it also keeps the content relevant to the viewer, since they choose which direction the content is going. Interactivity has been shown to make more engaging online videos for students.

Create immersive experiences without coding or headsets – mix up 360 with video and stills to create an immersive experience without the expense or accessibility issues of headsets

Embed your experiences on any LMS. Save time and money for your instructional designers. No coding so that budget can be spent on content.

Stornaway’s Features will take your interactive training videos to the next level

Let Stornaway sort the technology whilst your focus on the learning outcomes for your students.

Pause at end - ask a question, discuss, then continue the video

Choose ‘Pause at end‘ in the styling section in the sidebar (see picture).

This will freeze-frame on the last frame of the video file you upload, and wait for the user to make a choice.

Another way to do this is to create a separate menu screen with a still or moving image:

  • To make a still image menu, create a separate island for the menu, and upload a still image as the island’s Poster Image.
  • To make a moving image menu, create a separate island for the menu, and upload a video to it. Then make one of the island’s choices to loop back to the start of the same island itself, set it as default, and hide that choice by ticking “Hide” next to its onscreen text field. The island will then loop until someone makes one of the other choices.
Showing the Island Settings Panel with "Pause at end" check, an orange arrow points to where this is.

Interactive conversations and scenario training

Have your audience analyse the situation and make decisions for the characters on screen. Or, create an interactive conversation where your viewers can ask questions to the subject on the screen.’s patented story map design was designed to be able to playtest interactive conversations easily and quickly in real-time so that you can make the video experience the best it can be. As if you are really talking to the person speaking. With features like the Timer/Cut on Click to help with pacing.
Screenshot from Devogames. A man and a woman face opposit one another in an interrogation room. Two options are presented to the viewer at the bottom of the screen.
A lady on a video call awaits a question - the viewer is offered a choice of two questions at the bottom of the screen.

360 immersive branching (delivered as VR experience via our Unity plugin)

Immerse your students with 360 footage.

And package up your training video to deliver it as an App for your teams to play on any device!

With our new Unity plugin, you can turn your Stornaway interactive videos into an App – ready for your employees and teams to download via your website, intranet or even on Apple & Android App Stores. All using our amazing no-code plugin.

Game Logic - what's been watched? Rewarding correct answers

Check what your students have seen before and make sure they are rewarded for the choices they make.

Use interactive videos in your teaching

It’s farewell to standalone single zoom videos with no engagement. 

And hello to easily created, updated interactive videos that make your students feel like they’re in the room! 

Start TODAY with a 2-week free trial for you and your team and make more engaging online videos for your students.

We have a range of affordable and flexible plans to meet your needs for a single class or a whole Department. See our plans here and get in touch for a personalised quote.

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“It makes writing and developing so much easier.”
M. Elizabeth Karns, Senior Lecturer

“WOW! I mean this is epic!! and the ease of use is incredible. Your innovation means I have confidence I can create a fully immersive, fully interactive, high-quality experience to engage and inform young people on some of the most intense circumstances we can find in life.”
Steve Hutson, Young Visions