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Interactive Videos for Onboarding New Employees

Marketing teams around the world are using interactivity in their videos. In fact, recent research shows that interactive content is 81% more effective at keeping an audience’s attention. Companies are embracing this knowledge and using interactivity to engage and connect with their customers.

But what about their employees? Companies that put a big emphasis on the onboarding process are seeing new employee retention improving by a whopping 82%! With so much importance currently being placed on internal branding, companies are beginning to release the potential of interactive videos for use internally. Interactivity is now being incorporated in employee communications across a number of different industries. There is so much potential – from employee onboarding videos to interactive training videos through to interactive interviews with senior teams (read about Diageo’s interactive conversation videos).

DEUTSCHE TELEKOM - employee onboarding video

As we continue to see a rise in more digital and hybrid workspaces, creating engaging, innovative, interactive content is essential. The Stornaway platform is enabling teams to make important connections with their new colleagues in a more personal way.

Why choose to create your interactive employee onboarding videos?

Some of the features that will take your interactive employee onboarding video from idea through to creation!

1. Choices in Stornaway can link to another video or to an external webpage/product – Learn more

2. Add your brand graphics to create clickable hotspots – learn more

3. Make any area of the screen clickable (using split screens) to create personalised viewer journeys

In Action: An interactive day-in-the-life video from Deutsche Telekom

Deutsch Telekom used Stornaway to create interactive video game – #PlayYouDay. Players make the decisions as they ‘play’ their way through a typical day of a Telekom employee.

The interactive employee onboarding video shows the day-in-the-life of a cutting-edge Telekom employee. It is being used to welcome new employees to the company, welcome colleagues back to onsite offices and offer a fresh perspective to potential employees.

“ was great! It really made the whole process simpler. We had been looking at other tools and none offered the simple interface that did. It really helped to keep the overall storyline of the video organised.”
Leo Bentley, Deutsche Telekom Global Business Solutions Iberia

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