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The International Labour Organisation (part of the UN) has created an interactive video explainer using Stornaway to test knowledge and repeat facts about an in-depth topic.

The interactive explainer was made to go hand-in-hand with a pre-departure handbook, a comprehensive information guide, for people from India who want to move to the EU. An accessible, engaging piece of microlearning that gives individuals the opportunity to test their knowledge and re-establish their understanding of everything they need to know to migrate. 

Green Bamboo Pictures designed and created this gamified, interactive video journey, allowing the viewer to reconfirm their understanding of the parts of the migration process that are specific to them and their situation. The creative team wanted to ensure engagement from the viewer and not bombard them with information. An interactive branching narrative video quiz was perfect for this. 

Title screen for Migration Run - Yellow letters spell: Migration Run. Behind the title there is a blue background with computer graphics, these show city and travel features such as taxis, skyscrapers, maps, cameras, suitcases.

Microlearning with interactive video – offering bitesize chunks of material on a giant topic

The specific, personalised needs of someone wanting to migrate to another country can be complex and very detailed. With a lot of reading to do in a very comprehensive guidebook, how do you ensure that the reader has understood everything? How do you make sure that they know what steps they need to take next?

When it comes to learning and development across all industries, often the best way to approach a large topic is to break it down. By treating it like a microlearning unit, the team could deliver repeat information in short, personalised bursts. The learner can view and engage at their leisure – something that is hugely effective. 

A screenshot from Migration Run - A woman sits in front of a glass screen. Behind her, a plane takes off. Above her desk are three options of visa for the user to choose from.

Interactive YouTube Videos for accessibility, familiarity and repeatability

Green Bamboo wanted to create an interactive explainer video game but also needed to deliver to a large audience.  When they found the unique Stornaway YouTube interactive video plugin, their problem was solved.

YouTube is familiar to audiences across generations and is easy to use. This was key to the success of the video – it needed to be accessible for as large an audience as possible.

Creating this journey within Stornaway meant that the team could fully plan and playtest all of the journeys and options that each user may face. Following this, with just a few clicks they could publish the videos to an interactive YouTube video, where the Stornaway plugin magically would join all of the videos up, using YouTube’s endboards to create an interactive experience. Allowing the viewer to progress through the journey by picking a new video to watch that answered the questions for them. 

Read more about our YouTube interactive video plugin.

Stornaway has created a plugin that makes publishing to YouTube simple. Within a few clicks, projects can be live and fully linked on YouTube. The plugin handles all of the nitty-gritty technical elements, whilst you and your teams focus on creative storytelling

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Why use Stornaway to create content for learning and development?

Making users interact with information means it’s more likely to stick

83% of people say they prefer instructional videos over training manuals TechSmith.

Years of research have proven that videos are more effective at delivering information to most audiences than reading material alone. Interactive videos have taken things a step further and encourage audiences to sit forward, to engage with the information being presented to them and therefore make greater connections with the content. 

Find out more about how to use interactive videos as part of your learning and development training: Scenario-based learning and training.

Deep personalisation = greater engagement and trust

One of the most important elements of Migration Run is ensuring that viewers can easily access the information that’s relevant to them. Stornaway has enabled the creative team to easily draw up those paths and connections. The team could fully plan and playtest all of the journeys and options that each user may face.

The percentage of people willing to share behavioural data for a cheaper and easier brand experience at 90% – SmarterHQ.

Audiences – whether those watching something for entertainment or learning – expect more and more personalisation these days. With so much data stored on each of us across every platform we use, there is an understanding that this will lead to a more personalised experience. When something seems not applicable to us, viewers are much more likely to stop watching or engaging. 

Using interactive videos in e-learning and microlearning means that you can deeply personalise the viewer’s journey. Simply by allowing them to specify and choose the information that is relevant to them. 

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Personalised Interactive Video Product Demo

The Craft worked with Pitney Bowes to explain their new Smart Access Management (SAM). An interactive video showing the new system through the eyes of an employee, a contractor or a visitor. So you can choose to get only the information that’s relevant to you.

Watch the SAM demo on the Pitney Bowes website.

With rising costs a challenge for all industries, reusability is essential

66% of Executives, L&D leaders, and Chief Learning Officers want to boost the number of employee-training hours – McKinsey.

Stornaway allows you to duplicate entire projects including user journeys and links – saving many hundreds of hours. This feature has been hugely useful to customers looking to make multiple versions of their projects. From versions with different subtitles or voiceovers, different types of training video versions that have slight amendments for the new year.

“Only just signed up and have created some wonderful templates that we will use for training purposes. We have been looking around for something like this for ages.” – Neil Kenny, Director, Support for employment.

Ensuring that you can use and reuse content or at least the structure of your most engaging interactive training videos will save valuable hours and allow you to create more content for your team.

Accessibility and Scalability: Interactive videos for everyone. 

When making Migration Run, accessibility was a huge factor. This video needed to be accessible to viewers all over the country. Whilst this interactive explainer video has also been embedded on the International Labour Organization website, by using the Stornaway YouTube plugin, the team were able to access the 2billion+ audience that regularly uses YouTube. 

We’ve recently released the Stornaway Unity plugin too. This plugin will further transform the ways that companies and creatives can use Stornaway. 

With some customers using this tool to create apps for employees to download, view and play on their laptops or mobile devices, this plugin is truly revolutionising the ways that people can create and share learning content with their teams. 

Find out more about the Unity plugin.

Upskill your team, collaborate and make the edits and updates in real-time

Stornaway was made to be completely user-friendly and intuitive. Anyone in any company can learn how to use the platform and create interactive videos within minutes. The collaboration feature lets you share privately with your team or supervisors for review and feedback.

And so – from initial planning through to publishing and updating, the platform is controlled by you. 

Making updates and edits exactly as and when you need them can be essential. An update to the legislature for a complex procedure like migrating can mean that extra videos will need to be created or edits will be made to those that currently exist. Stornaway’s modular ‘story island’ system ensures that teams can make these changes quickly and easily. 

New exports of projects will retain the same URL so there is no need to update any embeds or links to the project – they update immediately along with the updated project as soon as you press export.

The data you need: Stornaway Analytics 

Interactive content will increase the retention of your messages by 79% – Qualifio.

The Stornaway analytics feature allows you to immediately see the key information for each project – how many times it has been watched, how long it has been watched for and which choices and paths have been taken.

This information means that teams can quickly see how engaged their audience is with the video and what paths of information are the most useful. 

For many, this information may be needed for reporting back to directors within companies. 

For others, this information may mean that changes can be made to this content or even other pieces of content that relate. 

Understanding the patterns and trends within an audience can allow you to make real-time, important decisions. 

What next?

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