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by Kate Moody | August 2023

Thijs Scheper’s Hospital University Thesis experience uses interactive 360 VR to explore preoperative anxiety, notably a fear towards general anesthesia in the hospital, and helps to alleviate viewers of their worries. In the experience, the patient can talk to the anaesthesiologist and get answers to their questions just before the operation.  It is a fantastic example of the kinds of  Interactive Conversations that learning designers and other creators are making in Stornaway.

Thjis used extensive research methods to create this experience, interviewing patients, nurses and anaesthesiologists to paint the full picture of preoperative anxiety. His research highlighted a issue with patients wanting more time before their operation to talk through things with the anaesthesiologist.

“My research showed that people would like to have more contact with the anaesthesiologist. That is why I developed this product. In this way, the patient can talk to the anaesthesiologist and get answers to his or her questions just before the operation.”

How to make interactive 360 videos quickly and easily

The ease of using 360

Thjis chose to use 360 VR as a means of bringing his reality into a physical space, where the viewer is placed in the patient’s position. They are able to ask questions and receive answers without impacting real-life anaesthesiologists and their time spent, allowing both patients and doctors to have a sense of ease pre-operation.

Using Stornaway’s easy drag and drop editor, as well as its 360 features, Thjis was able to easily add in his footage and get editing and mapping.

“Whilst using Stornaway, I really enjoyed the workflow. The learning curve wasn’t that high, which was nice.”

Part of Thjis’ Story Map
The ultimate guide to interactive 360 video

Increase engagement with 360 videos

Using 360 video allowed Thijs to create an immersive experience for patients to access medical assistance remotely before their operation. Using interactive elements meant that his viewers could ask the questions they wanted answers for. More and more companies and universities are using 360 interactive video to engage their viewers in scenario-based training.

“Interactive videos are perfect for education. Not only in schools but also in healthcare for example.”

Create 360 Video Interactive Stories

Thjis’ project is a prime example of the positive influence that interactive 360 videos can have. By using Stornaway, he was able to easily create the interactive journeys in 360 video, make an engaging and powerful video experience and deliver to VR using our Unity plugin – without the need for any technical knowledge or costly other applications. He also had great audience engagement with the project, receiving high praise from his university and peers for his work.

“The feedback on my project was really positive. My teachers and healthcare staff liked the idea and the prototypes very much!  During testing, most test subjects also quickly understood how it worked.”


You can create interactive 360 video experiences for free by using Stornaway- check out our pricing page here.