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Select the Right Stornaway Plan for You

What plans and features are available?

For more details, see our Plans page.

If I publish a project, do I have to keep subscribing to keep it online?

When you sign up to a plan, you get a full year’s bandwidth allowance as shown above. If you’re paying monthly, you get the allowance for as long as you keep your plan active. If you want to pause your plan between projects and keep a project public, contact us.

For custom features and white-labelling get in touch using our Contact Form

Can you explain Publishing Data (bandwidth)? How much do I need?

‘Bandwidth’ can mean different things in different contexts. In this case, it concerns video which is delivered over the internet as data. The amount of public data transferred is called bandwidth, and that we are charged for by our internet suppliers. Using more bandwidth is a good thing, as it means that you have more viewers watching your story. not only provide the best interactive storytelling tools, we also provide our beautiful interactive player and hosting and streaming of your video at the highest quality available to your viewers, without showing ads over your story.

A short interactive story like this one by DUNE Productions for the Landes School of Design for example, could be played many thousands of times within the 1TB Publishing Data allowance of a Pro account. As we all know from our own YouTube browsing, not everybody who starts a video watches the whole thing, so we don’t just measure a simple total number of people who viewed briefly – bandwidth measures what’s actually watched.

Most creators never hit their data limits. If you’re in the lucky top percent who do, we’ll be in touch in plenty of time. If you know you’re presenting to a really big audience, get in touch – we have different options to suit you.

How do I pause my subscription?

We know that production starts and stops. Get in touch and we can pause your account until you’re ready to get going again.

Does subscribing remove the watermark?

Yes, subscribing to any of the plans removes the watermark.

Removal of the logo at the bottom right of the player controls is possible with our Custom Premium plan