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Stornaway has now made it even easier to get started on creating interactive experiences.

Our carefully-crafted templates are a great way for you to quickly jump into pre-defined projects that you can customise with your own content. Discover different map layouts and be inspired by the various project examples, allowing you to play through, tweak, refine and rebuild to fit your own narrative.

Using our templates can save valuable hours and allow you to create more interactive content more often and more affordably. Not only that, but you might discover some hints and tips to creating interactive experiences as you delve into our templates that are centred around your own type of content.

Simply sign up or log into your account and click our brand new button labelled “Create a Project from Template” and you’ll see our selection of templates to choose from.

The templates you can explore and customise are:

  • Choose Your Own Path
    Create interactive films and stories that allow the viewer to choose their adventure.
  • Training Scenarios
    Simulate real-life situations to train employees through scenario-based learning.
  • Interactive Conversations
    Share expert advice or raise subject awareness in a more human way.
  • Quizzes and Tests
    Make learning fun through educational quizzes and tests.
  • 360 VR location exploration
    Make your 360 VR immersive events and experiences interactive.
  • Demos, Explainers and Tutorials
    Produce personalised demos, how-tos and experience-simulators.
  • Link to Buy Products
    Deliver enhanced shopping experiences, including click-to-buy buttons.
  • Share to Social
    Make your project easily shareable on all main social media platforms.
  • Customised Web Links
    Guide each viewer to the right page on your website interactively.

Create your own templates!

Stornaway also allows you to duplicate entire projects (including user journeys and links), saving many hundreds of hours. This feature has been hugely useful to customers looking to make multiple versions of their projects. From versions with different subtitles or voiceovers to different product videos or versions that have slight amendments.

Ensuring that you can reuse and adapt both the content and the structures of your most engaging videos, will save valuable hours and allow you to create more interactive content more often and more affordably.

You can create a template for your own project that can be used over and over, for different products and information.