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Bringing You Into The Story

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Make Interactive Video Stories with Creative Cloud apps

Seamlessly integrate Adobe and Stornaway, to unleash your interactive creativity

To find out more about Stornaway, click the “Watch Our Demo” button above to see our 3 minute Getting Started video.

And to find out more about our amazing new Adobe tools, watch the video below and scroll down for more details.

What is Stornaway? is the world’s most popular interactive video editing platform. Over 20,000 users around the world use Stornaway to create amazing interactive & immersive video experiences – without coding – for the web, apps, VR, TV and more. Map out your story visually in the browser-based app and play it instantly.

Whilst it’s super easy for complete beginners we also have advanced tools for expert video editors and game makers, like our unique and game-changing plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud and Unity.

Stornaway Explore New Paths Poster - A cartoon image showing a woman in a brown hat, yellow bakcpack, green coat, blue shorts and hiking boots looking out over a mountainous valley where a river and trees lie.

Put the magic back into your videos

Are your teams tired of making the same old linear videos to talk to multiple audiences? Do you wish you could easily craft dynamic video experiences that engage individual viewers like never before?

Unleash your team’s interactive creativity

With Stornaway, anyone can make interactive and immersive experiences in minutes. Elevate your video projects, engage your viewers, and take them on personalised journeys that give them agency and joy.

Enhance your Adobe experience with Stornaway's interactive video solutions

We were delighted to be recipients of the Adobe Fund for Design and received fantastic support from the Developer Partnerships and Engineering teams.

Stornaway’s miraculously simple and intuitive design interface, combined with Adobe’s world-leading video tools, is unlocking the inevitable interactive future of video on the web, in apps, on TV and everywhere.

Video can now be personalized and gamified. Existing video editors have lagged behind in unlocking video’s enormous creative potential for interactivity and personalization. Stornaway is a magical toolkit for the next generation of video makers.

Use Stornaway with Adobe Express and Creative Cloud

Adobe Express logo - a black square with rounded corner. Inside a stylised "A" in rainbow colours.

Adobe Express Inside Stornaway!

Use Adobe’s Express’ new editing tools within Stornaway’s interactive video web editor.

Stornaway is the first company to integrate Adobe’s video editing tools inside its own web app, using Adobe’s new Express Embed software development kit.

Creative teams can craft interactive journeys through an unlimited number of video clips, harnessing the power of Adobe’s cutting-edge video editing and AI content creation tools – all inside’s web interface.

Adobe Creative Cloud logo - a multi-coloured square with rounded corners featuring a white graphic cloud.

Stornaway inside Creative Cloud!

Make your creator heart sing with our Stornaway panel for Adobe creators

Open inside Adobe Creative Cloud apps – such as Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop – to design and playtest your interactive user journeys without leaving your video, graphics or image editing interface.

Download it here from the Adobe Marketplace

Stornaway inside Adobe Premiere Pro - Adobe Premiere Pro software is open with the Stornaway map open in one window.

Login to your account, create, edit, upload and preview your interactivity alongside your Adobe projects to see how sequences cut together interactively.

To unleash this incredible power, download the plugin FREE from the Adobe Marketplace here or search for Stornaway in the Marketplace > Plugins section of your Creative Cloud desktop app.

So, why choose Stornaway?

Stornaway is a pioneer in interactive video solutions. Our commitment to innovation and user satisfaction has made us the trusted choice for creative professionals worldwide.

Interactive content is proven to be 81% more effective at keeping an audience’s attention (Qualifio).
Use Stornaway to create the most engaging scenario-based learning videos.

“The software was easy to navigate and incredibly useful for me as a writer to have at hand. It made it easy to understand how the film would unfold in its interactive form and to communicate with the creative team” – Tyrell Williams, BAFTA Elevate writer/director.
Create your own interactive story with 

“From a project point of view, getting started was made easier by an intuitive environment. If I had to sum it up in one sentence, Stornaway has saved us a lot of time in many aspects without compromising on quality!” – Oliver Piasentin, Producer, Ikimasho.
Make unforgetable interactive experiences that don’t take your entire budget.

“Our whole production process has been revolutionised by’s software.” – Paul Raschid, Director of “The Complex”, “Death Trap Dungeon”, “Five Dates” and “The Gallery”. is used by companies and people around the globe. Become one of them. 

Trusted by Creative Professionals Worldwide

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💖 Self-service, but with amazing support when you need it

We have found that watching the 3 minute demo video and diving into the maps is generally the best way for people to find their feet with

Visit our Help Centre for interactive video tutorials on all our features, . And, if you need any extra support, you can reach out to our super friendly support team who will be happy to get you started on your interactive journey. We pride ourselves on our support.

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