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Interactive, Immersive Experiences

Create an interactive event or immersive experience that will stay with your audience long after it’s over

Stornaway is the perfect tool to create interactive and immersive events, virtual experiences, digital learning portals, virtual adventures, interactive cinema, interactive television shows, interactive exhibitions and conferences, and much more. 

We empower you to create something different. To take your audience to the next level with an interactive experience that puts them at the centre of the story. 

Immerse your audience in an experience that will give them something to talk about.

Interactive immersive experiences in Stornaway - 4 screenshots from films made in Stornaway: Fort Edmonton Park, Tiree 360, Josephine Baker Digital Learning Portal , Plesh Telecoms event

We’ve managed to build a complete playable (on-demand) version of our immersive theatre experience using Stornaway. It allows a player to go all the way through the experience as we imagined from beginning to end. The speed at which we’ve been able to build an alpha product is invaluable.” – John Sear, The Other Place.

Whilst analysing data on virtual events, Marklectic found that 49% of marketers believe that audience engagement is the biggest contributing factor to having a successful event. And 59% of event organisers have begun implementing gamification strategies to improve audience engagement. 

Interactive content is proven to be 81% more effective at keeping an audience’s attention (Qualifio).

Bring your audience into the story with an interactive experience. Allowing them to get hands-on with the world you’ve created – whether a brand experience, one-off live/hybrid or virtual event or an extensive learning portal. Create memories that last. 

“Stornaway has allowed us to build a different product… a Virtual Adventure that can accessed on demand and tailored more to the family market. A kind of “choose your own adventure” ….an “interactive documentary” that can be streamed. It comes with a whole bunch of peripheral materials that can be downloaded to suit an infotainment purpose. 
There has been interest shown on a number of fronts not least of which is from airline inflight entertainment systems.” – Ian Schubach, Redleaf

Ready to get started? See some examples of immersive experiences created in

Interactive Virtual Tour... with a twist

Endless Adventure

Engagement levels soared for the interactive living history museum Fort Edmonton Park in Canada, who won an Innovative Use of Technology award for this this immersive experience – a virtual tour with a twist. Created with creative agency Sticks and Stones.

Read the case study here.

Creative Learning Portal

The Egg Theatre - Josephine

The creative team at The Egg, Theatre Royal Bath used to make a Creative Learning Portal for their show about the life of legendary African-American entertainer, activist and French Resistance fighter Josephine Baker, to be explored by teachers and children in classrooms before and after the play, journeying through more than 26 different films, activities, interviews and experiences.
Read the case study here.

Interactive 360 video

Choose Your Own 360º Christmas

Choose Your Own Holiday Adventures in 360º fun! Watch for Santa, chase reindeer, shred some powder on a snowboard, walk in a winter wonderland…?

An interactive video in 360VR video Christmas card from Stornaway for Christmas 2021.

6 Reasons to use Stornaway to create immersive experiences

Reason 1: Create unique, memorable, personalised experiences

“WOW! I mean this is epic!! and the ease of use is incredible. Your innovation means I have confidence I can create a fully immersive, fully interactive, high-quality experience to engage and inform young people on some of the most intense circumstances we can find in life.” – Steve Hutson, Young Visions

There are many different reasons that you might want to create an interactive, immersive experience or event. From increasing brand awareness to giving greater life and context to a story after a live theatrical performance. Whatever the reason, being able to make something unique, on-brand and memorable is key.

Eventbrite has recently stated that 3 out of 4 millennials prefer experiences over things. So it’s time to make sure that you can give them an experience that stands out.

Audiences – whether those watching something for entertainment or learning – expect more and more personalisation these days. With so much data stored on each of us across every platform we use, there is an understanding that this will lead to a more personalised experience. When something seems not applicable to us, viewers are much more likely to stop watching or engaging.

Stornaway allows you to take your ideas and craft them into unique interactive, immersive experiences. Ones that your audience can have access to for a limited amount of time or to replay as often as they like. You can fully plan and playtest all of the journeys and options that each user may face. When you can easily draw up those paths and connections, you can truly get into the shoes of the viewer and make a personalised journey

Screen shot from Digital Learning Portal from The Egg Theatre. A man and women dressed in orange space suits point to a green rewind button

Reason 2: Learn a new skill – fast and with confidence

“Stornaway has provided me with a really useful way to map out my plans for an interactive multi-media project, working through the nitty gritty of transferring a multi-sensory theatre show to a digital interactive format with branching storylines. As a theatre maker adapting to working online, using Stornaway for storyboarding and testing ideas has also helped me to hone my creative process for this project and the way I communicate ideas to collaborators. Plus, it is very intuitive and easy to use which makes it really accessible for those new to creating interactive online pieces like myself!” – Ellie Chadwick, writer/producer Sleight of Hand Theatre

Stornaway was made to be completely user-friendly and intuitive. Anyone in any company can learn how to use the platform and create interactive videos within minutes.

And so – from initial planning through to publishing and updating, the platform is controlled by you.

Reason 3: Communicate detailed ideas to teams – collaborate & playtest

“Stornaway helped us plan everything that we needed to make our choose-your-own-adventure Arthur Livestream a big success. Pre-visualising branching narrative stories with a team had always been a headache until I found Stornaway.” Eli Stonberg, Hovercast  

The collaboration feature lets you share privately with your team, clients, production company or distributors for review and feedback.

The platform is controlled by you. Simply clicking Play will allow you to immediately playtest. Even before you have any video to upload, will let you play whatever you’ve planned out, using placeholder videos, images or even text.

This previz is one of Stornaway’s most powerful features: no more waiting to the end to see how your project plays, when it’s too late to change it. You’ll instantly be able to feel how your audience will experience it.

Still from interactive virtual tour - Fort Edmonton Park. A woman sits on an old train with wooden seats. There are two buttons on the screen - "the mountebank" and "The Madame"

Reason 4: Be fully creative whilst the tool handles the tech

“We love Stornaway and how easy it is to use. We were able to build an educational sales platform (for an online event) and our clients loved it. We look forward to using it for future projects!” – Angelo Castillo, Creative Producer,

Stornaway was founded and created by people who have worked in the production industry. When trying to create an interactive project of their own, no system available was supporting them in the right way.

So they created Stornaway. A tool that allows you to map out your stories and games, to truly visualise your non-linear story in a way that allows you to make sense of all of the various pathways and options.

Want to reach your audience on different platforms? Stornaway also has plugins that enable you to deliver your project to YouTube or Unity. So, wherever your audience is based and whatever platform you want them to use, you can give them a truly unique experience.

Reason 5: The data you need – Stornaway Analytics

“Using has been incredibly easy. The functionality of embedding our project directly into our website allowed for effective sharing. The ability to track analytics in real-time has provided insight to our marketing team and made reporting simple.” – Lacey Huculak, manager of experience development at the park.

The Stornaway analytics feature allows you to immediately quickly see the key information for each project – how many times it has been watched, how long it has been watched for and which choices and paths have been taken.

This information means that teams can quickly see how engaged their audience is with the video and what paths of information are the most useful. 

For many, this information may be needed for reporting back to directors within companies. 

For others, this information may mean that changes can be made to this content or even other pieces of content that relate. 

Understanding the patterns and trends within an audience can allow you to make real-time, important decisions

Map of Digital Learning Portal from The Egg Theatre

Reason 6: Surround your audience with 360

“We designed Stornaway to be picked up in moments by content teams who can’t code, but who need to dream up immersive stories and playful experiences.” – Ru Howe, Stornaway Co-Founder.

Immerse your audience in your experience and have them play it in 360. creators can add 360º videos to their stories and link them up using on-screen links to create interactive experiences that are even more immersive. The Stornaway web editor allows you to add 360 videos to your project – your project can be entirely 360, or a mix of different media. Each Story Island is its own unique section. You can link from 360º to regular 16:9 video and stills in different story islands, and it will all flow seamlessly.

Our Unity plugin will enable you to take your projects and publish them as VR apps. So your audience can use headsets to be completely immersed in your experience.

Check out our 360 Christmas Card – 360 and sent published to YouTube using our YouTube plugin.

Where can I deliver my interactive immersive experiences?

Deliver your projects to websites, cinemas, YouTube and, via our Unity Plugin, to gaming and app platforms – PlayStation, Nintendo, Steam, XBox, iOS Store, Android Play Store. 

Make your interactive, immersive experiences: engage more, create unforgettable memories and take your audiences' experience to the next level.

Find out more about how people are using Stornaway to create interactive, immersive experiences.