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Did you know that you can now turn your Stornaway interactive videos into an App that you can sell on App Stores, using our amazing no-code plugin?

Whatever you’re making in Stornaway – an interactive film or FMV game, a training experience, branded content – you can also easily export it as a downloadable App to play on iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Quest VR, Smart TVs and even game consoles.

With our newly released plugin, you can open your interactive Stornaway project inside the Unity game engine (without having to know Unity) and then follow a few simple steps to package it up as an App.

Read the full article on our Unity Plugin here.

Creative Interactive Apps - gif showing how easy the process is - from Stornaway to Unity to App

Our easy-to-follow interactive tutorial video will take you through these simple steps at your own pace.

Stornaway’s multi-platform interoperability is the future of interactive video production

When we won InnovateUK Audience of the Future funding to develop this plugin, our co-Founder, CEO and Product Designer of Ru Howe said:

“We invented as a whole new category of video editing technology – the interactive video editor, and we’re delighted that it’s grown to be a much-loved creative tool for all kinds of experiences in every sector.

This next phase is about enabling even easier delivery of those stories to every platform natively from Stornaway’s unique web-based authoring tools.”

Read more in our Audience of the Future Award Press Release.

Stornaway's Unity plugin In Action, turning a Stornaway - turn an Interactive Video into an App

Ready to turn your interactive videos into downloadable Apps?

However you choose to reach your audience, this plugin will enable you to take this amazing step from story creation through to app development – without ever touching a line of code.

So get started with today. Turn your interactive videos into downloadable Apps. And then monetise them or let people download them for free. Put them on the Apple App Store, Android Play Store or the Steam games store, add them to your website or intranet for download, or even submit them to the PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch console stores.

The plugin is now available to Premium plan users. Please contact us for access.