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2022 has been a HUGE year for interactive, immersive experiences. Our users across all industries have been creating the most inspirational – and endlessly replayable – projects. From learning teams through to film production companies, from marketing videos to immersive experiences. And we couldn’t let the year end without looking back at the big moments – from creative productions through to award wins.

Join us as we rewind the 12 months of 2022 in Stornaway!


Customer Project: Illuminated Text

Dive into Shakespeare’s words in four dimensions! Created by Rob Myles for North America’s largest classical repertory theatre company Stratford Festival’s outreach programme – Stratfest@home. This interactive video studies Shakespeare from four different angles. Using a verse from Hamlet, the video puts the exploration in your hands. Choose an angle to approach the text, choose a line and find out more!

Available to watch – and play – on Statfest@Home.


Customer Story: Hybrid Events

Interactive event Agency Plesh was set a challenge by a global consumer electronics brand in Italy, who asked them to produce a major product launch event.

The challenge: With many of the stakeholders attending online – how could they create an immersive hybrid event that made the online audience feel as much part of the event as the ones who attended in person?


InnovateUK Grant Win!

We won an InnovateUK SMART grant to transform the future of video editing.

“A game-changing innovation that will simplify the production of immersive content – offering more accessible options than Unity and Unreal.”

This project comes from listening to YOU – people totally new to video and games, but also experts who want better workflows – while of course keeping it a simple no code platform for everyone. We’ll let you know more here as it happens – here’s to this next exciting chapter!


Customer Project: The Gallery

The Gallery – Interactive Feature Film | Live-Action Video Game – made in and published on all gaming platforms.

With 2 narratives – one set in 1981 and the other in 2021.

Starring George Blagden (‘Vikings’ & ‘Versailles’), Anna Popplewell (‘The Chronicles of Narnia’), Rebecca Root (The Queen’s Gambit), Richard Fleeshman (The Sandman), Shannon Tarbet (Killing Eve), Fehinti Balogun (I May Destroy You) and Kara Tointon (Eastenders).

Created by Paul Raschid in Completely gripping, and completely replayable.

A red carpet scene. A man in a dark blazer and light trousers walks with a lady in a long red dress and another man in a dark suit. There are crowds and photographers.

Watch the trailer >> 

Available now on: Steam (PC & Mac), Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch & Mobile (iOS & Android).

Kate Dimbleby joins the Creative UK Female Founders!

Our Co-CEO and Creative Director, Kate Dimbleby, has joined 13 other entrepreneurs, working across film, TV and video production.

“So happy to be selected to join this group of brilliant women as part of the Creative Industries Council Female Founders Scale-up programme!

The past few years have been exciting. From being a creative producer myself to enabling creators all over the world to use to make and deliver extraordinary interactive and immersive video experiences simply.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds and who I’ll meet along the way.”

Student Project: Life is ...

Filmmakers Chloe Skalenko & Max Caulfield: The Wonder Twins, have produced an interactive documentary about the classic story game Life is Strange. Engaging, fun and very re-playable.

Produced for film school and promoted across a wide range of social media platforms. This fan-fiction documentary is gaining a big following!

Check out – and support – their next project: Hope Circle >>


Stornaway Project: Interactive 360 Tour

We created a Stornaway VR app while visiting the Isle of Tiree. We’ve created a video that is a mix of 360 videos and still images. We then took this project and turned it into a Meta Quest VR app – in minutes!

Find out more about how to create your own apps.

JULY 2022

Feature Release: Unity Plugin

We released our game-changing, no-code Unity plugin. Turn your Stornaway experience into an app for game consoles and VR.

With our newly released plugin (in beta), you can open your interactive Stornaway project inside the Unity game engine (without having to know Unity) and then follow a few simple steps to package it up as an App. Contact us for more details.

JUNE 2022

Customer Project: A Personalised Demo

The Craft worked with Pitney Bowes to explain their new Smart Access Management (SAM). An interactive video showing the new system through the eyes of an employee, a contractor or a visitor. So you can get only the information that’s relevant to you.

MAY 2022

Learn more: Create personalised customer experiences

Generating customer loyalty today is more challenging than ever before. If you can’t compete on price, how do you keep your customers coming back for more?

By creating genuine, personalised customer relationships at scale. And the best way to do this is through interactive brand experiences.

APRIL 2022

Customer Project: Want to change the world?

Created by students of Seton Hall Stillman School of Business, this interactive project asks its viewers to save the planet and tackle climate change.
Viewers can take on the role of a citizen or the President of the United States and tackle the disastrous effects of climate change.

MARCH 2022

Video Tutorial: Get to grips with game logic

Either/or is a simple form of game logic that lets you create alternative paths for viewers, depending on what they have seen before.
So a simple use for this would be a story where the viewer makes either a good or a bad choice at the start of a story. And then at the end of the story, you show them a good ending if they chose wisely and a bad ending if they chose poorly.
We kept it simple to begin with to maximise compatibility with different systems. Creators are using it for quite sophisticated combinations of personality tests and game logic. We will be adding more variables and game logic soon!


Dive in: Interactive audiobooks - the future of storytelling?

There are close to 100,000 titles being published as audiobooks every year. It’s the fastest growing area in publishing.

And amid this growth, something new and innovative is emerging which hasn’t been written about much yet: Interactive Audiobooks.

Come with us and discover more about audiobooks and interactive audiobooks in this article >> 

In 2020, Polish filmmaker Wojtek Jeżowski created Pandemioza – an interactive audiobook. The filmmakers built the story from their real-life experiences during the pandemic lockdowns. Read the full customer story.


Customer Project: Interactive Virtual Tour... with a twist

Endless Adventure 

Engagement levels soared for the interactive living history museum Fort Edmonton Park in Canada, who won an Innovative Use of Technology award for this immersive experience – a virtual tour with a twist. Created with creative agency Sticks and Stones.

Wow! And that’s the rewind complete. What a year it’s been! Bring on 2023.

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