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Interactive event Agency Plesh was set a challenge by a global consumer electronics brand in Italy, who asked them to produce a major product launch event.   

The challenge : With many of the stakeholders attending online – how could they create an immersive hybrid event that made the online audience feel as much part of the event as the ones who attended in person?

a freeze frame from Plesh's interactive video - 2 men look at the camera whilst a question and two choices (all in Italian) are on the screen

The answer – an unforgettable experience for a  hybrid audience  

Specialists in world entertainment and live communication, the team at Plesh were excited about the possibility to create something truly different to grip their audiences both in the room and online.

Telling the story – setting the scene and immersing the audience

Plesh brought the audience into the story with an interactive film experience, that all the audience could play – in person and online.  A brilliant solution for this hybrid event to create brand memories that continue to be talked about long after the event was over. 

We wanted to create something different and give the audience a chance to decide the path of the event.” – Marco Taddeo, Chief Operating Officer, Plesh. 

The in-person conference was taking place in Milan so Plesh created a funny, gripping interactive mini-drama with product placement set in Milan – a perfect way to “bring” their digital audience to the event. 

They used famous Italian actors to create a “choose your own path story” that ingeniously communicated the message of the conference in a fun and entertaining way.

By using Stornaway to plan, produce and edit the experience – they could upload the footage as soon as they had captured it. 

They were then able to share the experience as an interactive video using a white-labelled Stornaway player so viewers could watch, play and enjoy, wherever they were. 

a freeze frame from Plesh's immersive hybrid event - 2 Italian actors in a park at night time - one on a scooter, the other on a bike taking a picture with his phone

How Stornaway ‘saves money and time and hugely improves the end result’

“Simple, easy to use, reliable and customizable. Perfect for our use” – Marco Taddeo, Chief Operating Officer, Plesh. 

The team at Plesh were able to start designing their immersive hybrid event the minute that they signed up to Stornaway. 

The platform allowed them to focus on the storytelling, empowering them to easily create the perfect immersive event for their audience, with no coding required. 

Stornaway’s powerful player includes a game engine that takes care of bringing the interactivity together – easily embedded on any website, LMS, as a standalone app or linked to in a Zoom room for collaborative playthrough.

A Stornaway interactive map - showing the outline for the interactive production from Plesh. This is what Plesh used to create their immersive hybrid event

Whilst analysing data on virtual events, Marklectic found that 49% of marketers believe that audience engagement is the biggest contributing factor to having a successful event. 

And 59% of event organisers have begun implementing gamification strategies to improve audience engagement. 

And interactive content is proven to be 81% more effective at keeping an audience’s attention (Qualifio).

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The results – was everyone happy?

a freeze frame from Plesh's immersive hybrid event- an interactive video - a man laughs whilst in conversation to another man. Location - restaurant.

“The client is happy by the results of the event and also we got a lot of positive feedback by users” – Marco Taddeo, Chief Operating Officer, Plesh.

Client happy? Happy attendees? That’s the end goal!

Using Stornaway’s analytics feature, the team were able to see which paths the audience were choosing and get real-time data on the engagement at the event as well as delivering something the audience had never experienced before – a half-real half-virtual space, that would be talked about long after the event itself was over. 

Hybrid Events sidebar:

When Covid19 forced the world into lockdown, event designers found new ‘hybrid’ ways to bring people together digitally – to have audiences present at events anywhere in the world. 

Now that live events are operating again, many events teams are keen to ensure their global audience is not forgotten. So these hybrid events are still very popular.  

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