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Looking to immerse your audience in the world you have created and the story you’re telling? Make interactive videos for entertainment!

Using Stornaway, you can make immersive, interactive stories and games – from FMV games, quizzes, interactive audiobooks, interactive podcasts, interactive films to interactive documentaries.

Creatives are using Stornaway for their interactive stories and games – find out why.

4 stills from interactive entertainment videos - The Gallery. Find me a Girlfriend, Life moves pretty fast and Pandemozia

Why are people using Stornaway?

Our whole production process has been revolutionised by’s software” – Paul Raschid, Director of “The Complex”, “Death Trap Dungeon”, “Five Dates” and “The Gallery”.

“Your pricing is awesome! We create interactive films for children meant to be shown in the cinema. The aim is to give children a different cinema experience. And it works, we find that we have a captive audience when we show our interactive film.” – ROTTEfilm.

“It made it easy to understand how the film would unfold in its interactive form and to communicate with the creative team” – Tyrell Williams, BAFTA Elevate writer/director.

Want to know more?

How will you immerse your viewers with interactive entertainment?

Example: Interactive vlog game

Part vlog, part game, the viewer gets to follow Wolfie on multiple paths to work through the city – encountering and re-encountering memorable characters across two timelines. He’s walking to work, like he always does. But today is his birthday – so surely something should be different?

When you’ve played it, have a look at the Playable Map which lets you dive into the story at any point and see the paths not taken!

This film was made by Ru Howe and Kate Dimbleby –  Co-founders of Stornaway. They wanted Stornaway to make it easier for creatives to make interactive videos for entertainment, experiences, learning, demos and more!