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Interactive Explainers and Deep Dives

Give your viewers the exact information they need with interactive explainers and demos. 

With Stornaway, you can produce interactive product demos, software training, simulators, personalised deep-dives, how-tos and much more! 

We enable you to create on-brand, personalised demos and deep dives so your audience can get the information they really need.

Create greater engagement and loyalty

Freeze frames taken from explainer and demo videos made in Stornaway.

Google has stated that “how to” queries on YouTube have grown 70% year-on-year. As more and more people turn to videos to get instructional information, how can you ensure that your videos cut through the noise? 

Interactive content is proven to be 81% more effective at keeping an audience’s attention.

In a comprehensive interactive video guide for 2022, statistics showed that 43% of consumers prefer interactive video content over other types of video content. Viewers were drawn to the ability it gives them to decide what information they want to view and when they want to view it.

Ready to get started? See examples of personalised demos and explainers made in

Interactive Explainer Sales Video

Find Your Flavour

Want to know which Manaka Coffee best suites your taste buds? Ask the master roaster! Let Phumlani help you find out as he takes you on an interactive journey to test your taste buds. You can trust him… he knows his Manaka Coffee. Made by Rebels Playground in South Africa.

Interactive Product Demo

Smart Access Managment (SAM)

The Craft worked with Pitney Bowes to explain their new Smart Access Management (SAM). An interactive video showing the new system through the eyes of an employee, a contractor or a visitor.

Giving the viewer only the information that’s relevant to them.

Interactive Explainer and Quiz

Migration Run

Green Bamboo Pictures created an interactive explainer and quiz for the UN International Labour Organization. The video tests people’s knowledge of migrating to the EU with a work visa. Allowing them to access the information and questions most relevant to them.

5 reasons to use Stornaway to create interactive explainers and deep dives

Reason 1: Personalisation – give the viewer the information they want, when they want it

One of the key elements of creating engaging content is ensuring that it is relevant to the viewer. Interactive explainers and demo videos enable you to deeply personalise the viewer’s journey. Empower the viewer to specify and choose the path and information that is truly relevant to them. 

Audiences expect more and more personalisation these days. With so much data stored on each of us across every platform we use, there is an understanding that this will lead to a more personalised experience. When something seems not applicable to us, viewers are much more likely to stop watching or engaging. 

Stornaway has been created to allow you to fully plan and playtest all of the journeys and options that each user may face. When you can easily draw up those paths and connections, you can truly get into the shoes of the viewer and make a personalised journey. 

Find out more about why personalisation leads to greater brand loyalty.

Interactive Explainer Video - A freeze frame from "migration run" - a woman presents three options on screen: "type A - travel visa" "type b - short stay visa" "type c - long stay visa"

Reason 2: Duplicating is simple. Make your projects accessible with multiple languages

Create templates to reuse and adapt

Stornaway allows you to duplicate entire projects including user journeys and links – saving many hundreds of hours. This feature has been hugely useful to customers looking to make multiple versions of their projects. From versions with different subtitles or voiceovers to different product videos or versions that have slight amendments.

Ensuring that you can reuse and adapt both the content and the structures of your most engaging explainer videos, will save valuable hours and allow you to create more interactive content more often and more affordably.

You can create a template for your interactive explainers that can be used over and over, for different products and information.

Reason 3: Upskill your team, collaborate and get started making projects from day one

Stornaway was made to be completely user-friendly and intuitive. Anyone in any company can learn how to use the platform and create interactive videos within minutes. The collaboration feature lets you share privately with your team or supervisors for review and feedback.

Empower your teams to learn a new skill that will deeply engage your teams, clients and potential customers. Getting started with Stornaway is as simple as watching our getting started video, signing up for a trial and utilising the on-screen walk-through as you get to grips with creating your very first, interactive project.

From interactive explainers of your latest system to colleagues to interactive deep-dives into your latest product, your team can be creating these projects in minutes.

Fom initial planning through to publishing and updating, the platform is controlled by you. 

Interactive Product Demo Video - an animation freeze-frame. A cartoon man stands on the right side of the frame leaning on a lightbulb. Four options are presented to the viewer on screen in white circles - "What type of question would you like answered?" "Safety and security" "customising and flexibility" "pricing and benefits" "choose a customer journey"

Reason 4: Customise your customer journey

When creating a customer journey, communication, engagement and personalisation are priorities. By using Stornaway, you can create videos that feed into this journey. Allowing you to give your audience the information they need, at the time they need it, in the most engaging and personalised way possible.

The Stornaway player can be embedded into your website, LMS, or other compatible platforms and into applications like Powerpoint which support embeddable players.

You can use also External URL buttons within a Stornaway project to open URLs – so after watching your interactive demo video, you can send your viewers to pages for more information, to get in touch or to buy from you. It has never been simpler.

Reason 5: The data you need – Stornaway Analytics

The Stornaway analytics feature allows you to immediately quickly see the key information for each project – how many times it has been watched, how long it has been watched for and which choices and paths have been taken.

This information means that teams can quickly see how engaged their audience is with the video and what paths of information are the most useful. Allowing you to make the most of your interactive explainers. 

For many, this information may be needed for reporting back to directors within companies. 

For others, this information may mean that changes can be made to this content or even other pieces of content that relate. 

Understanding the patterns and trends within an audience can allow you to make real-time, important decisions. 

Interactive Sales Video - Freeze frame from a video where a man called Phumlani takes you on a journey to discover the Manake Coffee you should buy. Two options are shown on the screen: "complex" "smooth"

Where can I deliver my interactive immersive experiences?

Deliver your projects to websites, cinemas, YouTube and, via our Unity Plugin, to gaming and app platforms – PlayStation, Nintendo, Steam, XBox, iOS Store, Android Play Store. 

Make your interactive explainer and demo videos: deliver more, engage more and personalise the experience for your audience.