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After 2 years online it’s no wonder that Edtech is booming. 

Online training is now widespread but companies and institutions are looking for better ways to engage their employees – whether in health and safety training, skills training, or simple onboarding. 

4 screenshots from interactive training videos made in Stornaway. Those featured are: #PlayYourDay from Deutsch Telekom, Wrong Side of the Road from Diageo, Devogames from Devoteam and the Josephine Baker Digital Learning Portal from The Egg.

It is more important than ever to communicate in a way that engages your employees with your culture and content.

Proprietary, expensive learning systems have become outdated. It’s not enough to make an online quiz or a linear video. A recent industry study revealed that 72% of employees don’t give training videos their full attention (Kaltura). 

So it’s no surprise that companies and educational institutions are turning to interactive training videos to engage employees and stakeholders. 

Interactive videos for education and training offer an exciting solution to recapture attention. Not only do they engage viewers by requiring regular action, but they also help keep the content relevant to the viewer, since they choose which direction the content is going.

With Stornaway, we take this a step further by empowering the content creators, the learning designers and marketing team – to put themselves in the shoes of their audience.

Screenshot showing the map of an interactive quiz made in

With our easy-to-use no-code tools – you can create your interactive training videos in minutes. Re-use your archive, get your stakeholders to talk to camera and ask questions of their audience.

Even better, when you’re ready to start creating – our upload panel, enables you to add placeholder slides, video and 360 from companies like Canva, and Pond5. No more waiting until the end of the project to see the finished result. Stornaway saves money and time and hugely improves the results.

Screenshot of the upload video panel in

This kind of video lets the viewer into the experience in a totally different way to linear video, allowing them to feel part of it.  

Best Examples of Engaging Training videos using interactive techniques

Here are some of the ways that we are seeing our customers using interactive videos for education and training, immersing and engaging their employees

Three ways you can engage your employees with interactive video

  • First-person view – looking through the eyes of someone choosing, with timer in risky, real-feel scenarios. These simulations – or short sims – are a great way to put the viewer into the heart of the story:

1) Deutsche Telekom’s onboarding video made by the in-house recruitment team recently allows future Employees to see what it’s like to work at Telekom. 

Check out our case study that dives into why they made an interactive on-boarding video and how made the process simple for them.

Watch it here:

Deutsche-Telekom onboard potential employees with this interactive day-in-the-life experience. #PlayYourDay – where you make the decisions.

  • Third-person view – have your audience analyse the situation and make decisions for the characters on screen.

2) Devoteam‘s student challenge had the viewer making choices for a character in a high-stakes drama

Screenshot from Devogames. A man and a woman face opposit one another in an interrogation room. Two options are presented to the viewer at the bottom of the screen.

This is an IT Security learning/training challenge for students – roleplaying scenario game where you have to solve a security breach. 

In our case study, we explore the history of Devogame, why the team have created an interactive video for education and training and how helped them to achieve their aims. 

Watch it here

An interactive video game for students to put their skills to the test! The 6th Devogame – created by Ikimasho / Devoteam / CCUA

  • Having a conversation with someone – interactive conversations create ultimate engagement in what is being presented 

3) Diageo‘s global awareness campaign gets you to ask questions to people who have been involved in drink driving. 

These have been created so that each country has different people’s experiences recorded, allowing you to feel a sense of connection with the person on the screen. For familiarity, they have been recorded on Zoom and the person appears to wait while you ask the questions.

A lady on a video call awaits a question - the viewer is offered a choice of two questions at the bottom of the screen.

We look at how using Diageo has used to produce interactive educational experiences in our case study. The interactive conversations and simple setup allow the viewers to get to the heart of – and fully engage with – the issue being discussed. 

Watch it on the campaign website: Wrong Side of the Road. To watch, answer a couple of questions and you’re set to watch and learn more about the consequences of drink driving)

Ready to get started with creating your own interactive training video? 

Find out more about why people use Stornaway for their Scenario-based learning and training with interactive videos and then

Check out some of our features that will take your training video to the next level

Let Stornaway sort the interactive technology whilst your focus on the training.

Package up your training and deliver it as an App for your teams to play on any device

With our new Unity plugin, you can turn your Stornaway interactive videos into an App – ready for your employees and teams to download via your website, intranet or even on Apple & Android App Stores. All using our amazing no-code plugin.