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By Brock Horning | 6th November 2023

You’ve just discovered You can suddenly see how interactivity is the future of video and you want that future right now. The only problem is, your boss will never agree to buy new software.

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So, how do you win over the person holding the purse strings? With a convincing business case, the right due diligence and a stroke of luck, you can persuade your manager and help everyone in your company discover the benefits of

Here are some general tips and Stornaway highlights to help support your case.

Five tips to convince your boss to buy new software

When approaching your manager about new software, it helps to bring forward a considered pitch. These are some general tips to present a strong business case.

Highlight the tangible benefits

In real terms, spell out what will change when you get this software. Will it speed up or vastly improve your current workflow? Will it provide a better experience for your customers? Think about the advantages from your boss’ perspective as well as your own. What are her goals and how will this new software help achieve them?

Get a price comparison

Don’t try and breeze over costs, it will just trigger your boss’ warning flags if you are vague. However, rather than presenting the price in isolation, gather cost comparison data to benchmark against. Everyone wants to know that they are getting good value for money so demonstrate that when you are looking to persuade your boss to buy new software. (For, we’ve done this work for you – here’s a handy interactive video platform comparison sheet).

Keep it simple

You may have explored all the intricacies of this new software but at this stage, your manager will want to know the overview. Keep it clear and concise, focused on your team’s pain points and how this software will alleviate them.

Find competitor success stories

If your company’s competitors have already found this solution or something similar, reference this in your pitch. Your boss won’t want to be behind the curve so highlight how competitors are utilising this new solution with success. You can even find positive examples that are not direct competitors, telling a real-life story of success will help your boss imagine the solution in your organization.

Work on real examples

Nothing supports your case better than real examples. If the new software you’re pitching for has a free trial, jump in and explore. If you demonstrate in real terms how things will improve, your boss will be more confident in your solution. (P.S. we have a free trial of Stornawaysign up here)

Stornaway being used in a variety of different video projects - four images showing different styles of Stornaway video - persuade your boss to buy new software

Five Key Benefits of

That’s the more general tips out of the way – now to get down to specifics. When approaching your boss about getting, here are the five key points to mention:

Quick and easy to implement with no coding required

Many people still think creating interactive video requires extensive coding work and long time frames. However, with Stornaway’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface and immediate playback capabilities, making interactive video is quick and easy.

Excellent value for money with affordable price plans

We strongly recommend reviewing a range of interactive video platforms to compare costs and value for money. Doing due diligence will show that delivers innovative and advanced technology at an affordable price.

Save time with seamless creative workflows

Stornaway is the first interactive video platform that integrates with Premiere Pro, Photoshop and other Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Use Adobe Express within or open a panel within Adobe Creative Clouds apps for a friction-free experience. Find out more about the Stornaway <> Adobe integrations.

Stornaway inside Adobe Premiere Pro - Adobe Premiere Pro software is open with the Stornaway map open in one window.

Share to the world with easy distribution options

Stornaway projects are hosted on our own powerful player. This makes it easy to embed on websites and quickly publish to mobile apps, desktop apps, TV platforms, and consoles via the no-code Unity plugin.

Used by top creative marketing teams

Stornaway is used by some of the most creative, forward-thinking marketing teams around – from Adidas to Netflix, via Diageo and Virgin Media.

Stornaway Customer Logos

Start the conversation with our handy email template

To help you find the words to get the conversation started and persuade your boss to buy new software, we’ve drafted a handy email template. All you need to do is add a few specific details and send it straight on to your boss. With a bit of determination, luck and persuasion, you’ll be harnessing the creative power of interactive video in no time!

Download ‘Letter to my boss’