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Can real-life situations and interactive conversations create a more engaged audience for active learning? Make interactive videos for scenario-based learning and training!

Using Stornaway, you can make immersive, interactive choose-your-own-adventure scenarios, interactive conversations, tours & simulations, onboarding videos, tailored employee communications, or tests and quizzes.

Content creators and learning designers are putting themselves in the shoes of your audience – find out why.

4 stills showing interactive scenario and training videos made in Stornaway.

Why are people using Stornaway to make interactive videos for scenario-based learning and training?

“It allows us to focus on the storytelling. We need all of our brainpower focused on creating flows that feel natural and engaging, not on juggling dozens of clips and hacking things together in editing software like Premiere.” –  Paul Mallaghan, Director of Creative Strategy and Content, Tilt.

“Stornaway has completely blown us away!! The software was everything we needed and more. It was so easy to follow and has so far gotten great feedback from my supervisors and her supervisors as well. We cannot say enough good about the company” – Legal training ahead of court appearances for Delaware County Justice Center.

Clients tell us that they are looking for more than just a fun team-building activity or a boring PowerPoint-driven workshop. They want an interactive shared learning experience that demonstrates what is possible when people work together” – Ian Schubach, RedLeaf Virtual Adventures.

Want to know more?

How will you immerse your viewers with interactive videos for scenario-based learning and training?

Example: Interactive onboarding video

Virtually experience what being a Deutsche Telekom employee is like with this interactive day-in-the-life video. Made for potential employees, allowing them to visualise themselves in the role of a cutting-edge, Telekom employee.

Find out more about making interactive employee onboarding videos with Stornaway

This film was made by Deutsch Telekom who needed an innovative way of communicating with potential candidates. This interactive video enabled them to bring their audience into the story, making decisions that they would need to make if they became a Telekom employee. Immersing the viewers in the world that Telekom hope they choose to become part of.

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