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Can interactive, immersive events create experiences that stay with your audience long after it’s over? Make interactive videos for immersive experiences!

Using Stornaway, you can make interactive and immersive events, virtual experiences, digital learning portals, virtual adventures, interactive cinema, interactive television shows, interactive exhibitions and conferences, and much more.

Content creators immersing their audiences in experiences that will leave them with something to talk about- find out why.

Why are people using Stornaway to make interactive videos for immersive experiences and events?

“Stornaway has allowed us to build a different product… a Virtual Adventure that can be accessed on demand and tailored more to the family market.” – Ian Schubach, Redleaf

“WOW! I mean this is epic!! and the ease of use is incredible. Your innovation means I have confidence I can create a fully immersive, fully interactive, high-quality experience to engage and inform young people on some of the most intense circumstances we can find in life.” – Steve Hutson, Young Visions

“We love Stornaway and how easy it is to use. We were able to build an educational sales platform (for an online event) and our clients loved it. Looking forward to using it for future projects!” – Angelo Castillo, Creative Producer,

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How will you immerse your viewers with interactive videos for immersive experiences and events?

Interactive Virtual Tour... with a twist

Engagement levels soared for the interactive living history museum Fort Edmonton Park in Canada, which won an Innovative Use of Technology award for this immersive experience – a virtual tour with a twist. Created with creative agency Sticks and Stones.

Read the case study here.

Like the rest of the globe, faced with the impact of Covid-19, the City’s tourism agency was keen to turn local experiences, virtual. Highlighting the forward-thinking nature of the City and encouraging people to come to the park once the world re-opened.

But how do you engage an audience without them physically standing next to the full-scale 1920s Midway? How do you immerse a viewer when they can’t see, touch or smell the uniqueness of the 1919 steam engine? 

By creating an interactive video, the team could give their audience a truly immersive – wherever they were based! 

Find more examples. Interactive videos for immersive experiences and events: We empower you to create something different!