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From TVB Europe – 17 October 2022

UK start-up wins funding to invent ‘radically new’ type of editing software has received a SMART grant from Innovate UK, a UK start-up that launched in 2020 to enable creators to deliver interactive films and TV series without the need for coding, has been awarded a grant by Innovate UK.The SMART grant will be used to create what the company describes as a radically new type of video editing software, designed for the next generation of interactive and immersive video stories and games.
The project will extend Stornaway’s existing toolkit, which helps non-technical creators to easily create interactive/immersive video stories and games for multiple platforms including web, mobile apps, consoles, desktop, tv, VR and live events.“Video can now be personalised and gamified – but existing video editors like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and iMovie have lagged behind because they were built for a linear era – so it’s been too tricky for most creators and companies to unlock video’s enormous untapped creative potential by making it interactive, immersive and personalised. Stornaway is a magical toolkit for the next generation of video makers,” said Kate Dimbleby, co-founder and creative director at“We designed Stornaway as a super easy interactive filmmaking platform that hides a powerful object-based-media game engine underneath,” she added. “Because we’ve designed it for non-technical users, it can be picked up and used by absolutely anyone with an interactive story idea, and they can publish without coding on whatever platforms or apps they prefer.”Dimbleby added that the company has listened to its customers and is excited to be working on a new model of video editor while still ensuring the platform is easy to use.

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