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Do you use Learning software?

Meet 5 expert learning specialists and producers using adaptive video for *spectacular* learning outcomes. Excite your learners, get real engagement, cut costs and transform your L&D strategy with adaptive video – watch here, try Stornaway, join our LinkedIn group and get in touch via the links below:

See 5 short ignition talks from leading experts in adaptive video for learning, followed by a panel where you can meet game-changing learning specialists and video producers.

Find out how adaptive interactive video can empower you to change, explain and entertain – and transform your L&D strategy.

A 60 minute event with on-going engagement, future events and a LinkedIn group 

Adaptive Learning Summit : What will you learn? >> 

This interactive Learning event is aimed at Learning teams and agencies seeking to harness creative potential within their organisation and expand their engagement.

This interactive webinar will introduce you to Stornaway, a revolutionary platform that transforms learning experiences into powerful tools for adaptive learning. The event is a strategic exploration, aligning interactive learning with educational objectives and addressing challenges faced by modern learning design leaders. 

Stornaway will help your organisation to justify investments, empower teams, and deliver engaging educational content.

✨ Event Format

  • Keynote speaker
  • Interactive Interviews with our Speakers
  • Panel Discussion
  • Stornaway’s new features and capabilities
  • Q&A with’s CTO

👋 Take a look at our speakers >>

📅 An essential hour: what you will learn

Our speakers are all well-versed in the world of adaptive learning, interactive video and why creating adaptive videos for learning is what you and your teams need to be doing in 2024.

During the 60 minute-summit, you will:

  1. Find out how adaptive learning can make a dry or complex topic fun and engaging
  2. Delve into the challenges that learning designers are facing around training and engagement – and how you can solve them
  3. Look at why you need to be making learning content which adapts to your audience, for more inclusive and diverse global campaigns
  4. Discover better ways to create and share educational content in dynamic learning environments
  5. See the benefits of using adaptive learning for in-person team building and training with personalised post-event learning on LMS
  6. Take a look at Stornaway, its features and capabilities and why it’s an essential tool for you and your team.

Ready to start using for your adaptive videos for learning? 🚀 Check out our platform features and package prices.

🗣 Taking the floor: A little bit about our summit speakers:

Keynote Speech by Martin Percy – Interactive Film Director

An award-winning Director of educational interactive films. Awards include a BAFTA British Academy Award, an Emmy Award, eleven Webby Awards and a Grand Clio. 

Fun fact: 🎤In 2014, Martin gave a TEDx Talk on “how to save lives with interactive film

📲 Contact Martin on LinkedIn:

👨‍💻 Click here to join a session of AI Basics:

Monday, 19 February – 4pm UK/ 11am NY/ 9:30pm India:

Friday, 1 March – 4pm UK/ 11am NY/ 9:30pm India:

🍿 If you’re interested in doing a free workshop with Martin on making interactive films please sign up here:

Martin Percy - keynote speaker Adaptive Video for Learning Summit A circle profile picture showing the headshot of a white male staring at the camera, wearing a collared shirt.

Bringing your learners into the story with Morgan Obregon – Director of Content Operations

Morgan delves into how adaptive learning can make a dry or complex topic fun and engaging.

Making content accessible, with over a decade of experience orchestrating global content launches and managing creative assets from conceptualization through delivery. 

Morgan Obregon Adaptive Video for Learning Summit speaker A circle profile picture showing the headshot woman with brown curly hair. She is wearing a white t shirt.

Recent work: 🎭 Morgan’s latest production for Living Security, Masquerade, is an interactive, murder-mystery-style adventure teaching cyber security and created for

📲 Contact Morgan on LinkedIn:

🌎 Website:

Interactive/adaptive video for soft-skills training with Paul Brennan –  Learning Experience Designer

Paul talks about  the challenges  that learning designers are facing around training and engagement – and how you can solve them.

Freelance Learning Experience Designer, with over 20 years of experience in Learning & Development and a penchant for gaming, writing and coffee.

📲 Contact Paul on LinkedIn:

Paul Brennan Adaptive Video for Learning Summit speaker - profile in a circle frame. Man wearing black, rectangle glasses faces the camera with on hand on his face.

Training in person vs Online with Nick Handley – Video Marketing Producer/Creative Director

Nick explores better ways to create and share educational content in dynamic learning environments.

A Silicon Valley native with 20+ years of experience in media production. Nick leverages his insights and creative vision to create impactful brand experiences, delivering high-quality content that resonates with target audiences.

Nick Handly Adaptive Video for Learning Summit speaker - profile in a circle frame. Man with dark hair, eyebrows and facial hair smiles at the camera. He wears a white collared shirt and beige blazer.

Recent Work: 🎮 Nick has been working on an interactive demo for an industrial cybersecurity enterprise featuring a gamified head-to-head battle between cyber attackers and cyber defenders.

📲 Contact Nick on LinkedIn:

Make global impact real with Paul Mallaghan, Director of Creative Strategy and Content, Tilt

Paul shows us why you need to be making learning content which adapts to your audience, inclusive and diverse global campaigns

With over 15+ years in brand, digital and learning experience design, Paul uses his experience and skills as a storyteller, problem solver and master of digital innovation to drive changes in behaviour and attitude.

Paul Mallaghan Adaptive Video for Learning Summit speaker - black and white profile in a circle frame. Man wearing black coat with large collar and scarf

Recent work: 🚔 Paul worked with Diageo to create their “Wrong Side of the Road” drink-driving campaign. Created in Stornaway, the campaign uses interactive conversations with people who’s lives have been drastically changed by drink-driving.

📲 Contact Paul Mallaghan on LinkedIn:

🌎 Website:

Virtual Adventures for Corporate Training and Team building with Ian Schubach – CEO at Red Leaf & Co-Founder at Tracking Success

Ian highlights the benefits of using adaptive learning for team building and training with personalised post-event learning on LMS.

Ian Schubach is CEO of leadership consultancy Red Leaf and a co-founder of Tracking
Success. Ian uses his experience as a safari guide, storyteller and conference facilitator to
help leaders shape organisational culture. He equips leaders and teams to use the shifting
marketplace as a tool for sustainable competitive advantage.

Ian Shubach Adaptive Video for Learning Summit speaker - profile in a circle frame. Man wearing black jacket in front of a tree, smiling at camera

Recent work: 🦁 Ian’s uses his experience as a safari guide in Southern Africa in Tracking Success: Virtual Teaming Adventure – interactive adaptive learning videos, created in with multiple scenarios that require team discussion, group work, and ultimately make decisions with different consequences.

📲 Contact Ian on LinkedIn:

🦁 Tracking Success Website:

💼 Company LinkedIn –

🌟 Using for your adaptive videos for learning: key platform features

Crafted to ensure that you can get started straight away, is full of familiar layouts, language and interfaces. There are no complex system setups or technical learnings holding you back. 

Stornaway is the only interactive video editor that lets you map out, playtest and deliver interactive and immersive learning experiences and embed them immediately.

With scoring and tracking to your LMS with SCORM compatibility, you can use it as a standalone player on your systems or to Quest headsets, games apps and platforms. With no coding. 


“By far and away, the best interactive video authoring tool I’ve had the pleasure of using.

The new Game Logic feature is amazing. Opens up so many potential uses that previously would’ve required me to use Storyline or Captivate to achieve.”

📣 Paul Brennan, Learning Experience Designer


Take a look at the features that make learning teams love creating with

  • Instant Playtesting – ​​Even before you have any video to upload, will let you play and test whatever you’ve planned out
  • Templates – Jump into pre-defined template projects that you can customise with your own content.
  • Team Collaboration –  get your whole team editing, viewing and collaborating to engage your audience
  • White-labelling & domain locking – keep your player “on-brand”
  • Advanced game-logic – the player can keep track of scores, adjust character relationships or manage inventories
  • Unlimited number of viewers
  • Analytics – see what your audience is watching and engaging with most whilst staying compliant with GDPR, US children’s privacy acts and other privacy regulations around the world
  • SCORM/LMS –  add conditionals and scoring to your content – these scores can be tracked via our SCORM integration by any LMS and tracked on your website, using our API so that you can view learner’s interactions, status and completion rate immediately and track progress.
  • Create VR and Mixed Reality apps – Turn your Stornaway interactive video into an app for Quest, Apple Vision Pro, mobile apps and desktop apps – with no coding!
  • Coming very soon: Custom button editor –  drag and drop your buttons and calls to action  as you need (with all the settings intact), and our unique graphic display which allows you to display your scores and feedback to your learners automatically
  • Coming very soon: Subtitles – go global! Attach multi-language subtitles to your videos

🏷 Get started straight away with self-service options or custom plans: find out about our pricing plans

Jump in today with our free plan to test and demo the platform with to your team.

Our packages can be created and customised to ensure that you and your team have the set-up that works for you. 

So, whenever you are ready, you can easily upgrade to one of our plans, starting at just $41.50 a month for a Pro Plan, with a subsidised plan available for not-for-profits and charities.

Want greater features and customizations? Get in touch with our solutions team via our contact form and check out 🔬Stornaway Labs to learn more about some of the possibilities with add-ons and customisations, using our player API, Unity plugin, Adobe integrations and more.