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Academic Summit 4:
Adaptive and Immersive Storytelling in Education

WHEN: 5th June 2024 , 4-5.00 pm UK / 5pm CEST / 11am ET/ 8am PT
WHO: Hosted by Co-Founder and CEO Kate Dimbleby with Head of Communications Abbie Horning
WHAT:Β Learn from Stornaway’s experts how to use Stornaway’s interactive storytelling tools in the classroom

We’re thrilled to be bringing our online community back together for our 4th Academic Summit. Sharing stories and community from our academic partners across the globe.

Join us as we explore the challenges of teaching interactive narrative and immersive storytelling in higher education. And let us dive into how can enrich the experience for researchers, practitioners, and students.

Co-founder and CEO Kate Dimbleby will host our speakers as they talk us through their challenges, actions and results. Kate will be putting your questions to the experts and then open the breakout rooms to give you time to chat further.

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Our Speakers πŸ—£οΈ

We’re looking forward to welcoming our speakers to the summit. Each will present a 5-minuteΒ talk through their project and/or challenges and results. They will be available for you to talk to in our breakout rooms and will join Kate for a panel discussion where we will put your questions to the group.

They are presenting such a vast range of ideas and projects to us and we’re sure that they will give you lots to think about and be inspired by 🌟

Read more about each of them and their specialisms below and feel free to send across any questions you’d like to put to the group when you register >.

John Moore

John Moore - Austin Community College. A headshot of John Moore, a white male with dark hair and a beard, next to the logo of Austin Community College.

Associate Professor in the Radio-Television-Film Department, Austin Community College, Texas.

πŸ‘‰ John will update us on his curriculum for instructing students in interactive VR video production, including the VR post-production pipeline in Adobe Premiere, affordable 360 cameras, the pros and cons of using VR, and inspiring students to β€œthink outside the frame” of traditional filmmaking techniques.

Matthew Garrett and James Michael

Matthew-Garrett-and-James-Michael - unitversity of New Mexico. Headshot of James and Matthew with the University logo.

The University of New Mexico, iVrCv: Immersive Virtual Reality Clinical Video

πŸ‘‰ Matt and James joined forces to develop: β€œa way to improve personnel education using the most up-to-date and available technologies that merge physical and virtual environments and can be used in remote settings.”

They started iVrCv: Immersive Virtual Reality Clinic Video, which has recently received $33K worth of funding, and have partnered with Bernalillo County to create training scenarios.

Matt had been a practising Physical Therapist before starting his Mechanical Engineering education. He was motivated by the limitations of his clinical training and how they could be improved for better learning. James came across and was enticed by the endless possibilities for education with adaptive video and how could be easily accessed by an individual with an internet or 4G cellular connection.

Nicola Foley

Nicola Foley - University of Stirling - a headshot of a white women next to the logo for the University of Stirling

4th year BA Hons Film and Media Student, The University of Stirling

πŸ‘‰ Nicola has a passion for filmmaking and as a neurodivergent student, uses film to educate people about how her invisible disabilities negatively impact her life.

She realised how interactivity could be an educational tool to aid understanding and empathy for neurodivergent conditions and their comorbidities.

With her experience as an interactive filmmaker and podcaster, Nicola produced an interactive film using, for her Undergraduate Dissertation. The film is her personal experience of visiting a doctor whilst navigating anxiety and sensory issues. This was used as a research project with both qualitative and quantitative analysis to see how much the interactive element aided understanding and learning.

Dr Stefano Odorico

Dr Stefano Odorico - The Technological University of the Shannon - headshot of a white male looking into a phone next to the University of Shannon logo

Lecturer, Curator and Filmmaker, The Technological University of the Shannon

Stefano is also co-organiser of the Interactive Film and Media Conference (IFM), Co-Founder and Member of the Consultative Board of Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media and a Visiting Research Fellow at Leeds Trinity University (UK).

Kiralee Greenhalgh

Filmmaker and Media Academic, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

Professionally, Kiralee has worked as a Film Director and Editor on short films, music videos and web-series, and developed and taught programs on Filmmaking and Animation for Higher Education.

Her PhD research explores the cross-sections of 3 disciplines – film, video games and interactive media –Β  from the position of a film practitioner. Questioning why generative, cinematic exploration into narratology and ludology is professionally sparse and scholarly contentious, Kiralee investigates how understandings of contemporary film practice might manifest and evolve through explorations into medium specificity, formal expectation, and the perceived limitations of cinematic form.Β 

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