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Live Q&A with Ru & Abbie: How to add scores, track progress and personalise viewer journeys with Stornaway Game Logic

WHEN: 16th July 2024, 4-5.00 pm UK / 5pm CEST / 11am ET/ 8am PT

WHERE: Online, register here

WHAT: Learn from Stornaway’s experts – how to add scoring, personalised journeys and progress tracking into your interactive videos using Stornaway’s game logic features.

Free, 1-hour webinar where we look at all of the different features that allow you to create deeply personalised and gamified interactive projects in Stornaway. From adding scores and variables to exporting for SCORM and creating different pathways and inventories for advanced, super-personalised gameplay.

Completely personalise your audience’s journey

During the event, we’ll show you how: 

🚀 you can create personalisation using conditional logic and variables

🎯 easy it is to add scores on-screen in your tests and quizzes

🌎 to maximise your projects with tips and tricks for reaching your global audience with duplication, subtitles and SCORM.

See you there! 16th July 2024 – Register today >

Webinar hosted by CTO and Co-Founder of Stornaway Ru Howe and Head of Comms Abbie Horning.

Personalise your story for every viewer and put them in control. Gamify your content and boost the fun and engagement. Whether it’s a tutorial, training scenario, test, tour or product demo, you can activate your videos to make your viewers part of the action.

🚀 In just 60 minutes, you can maximise the personalisation and gamification of your interactiveate videos – worth it? We think so.