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We predict that 2022 will be HUGE for interactive video! As creators of an interactive video platform, that’s easy for us to say but … 

As creators in brands, businesses and industries across the globe strive to make their work engage, inspire and get the attention it deserves, people ARE turning to interactive video – Netflix now have over 20 more interactive films and interactive tv episodes on their main platform.

It’s a new way of thinking about video. Not just adding a few buttons here and there, interactive video is literally a new way of thinking about creative projects. It’s about making sense of non-leaner projects. Giving control to the view. And joining up multiple clips and forming a unique viewer journey.

From feature films and immersive theatre to demos and tours, from recruitment and training to challenges and behaviour change campaigns – the uses of interactive media stories are exploding (seemingly by the day!).

Every day, creators are finding new and innovative ways to join up video content into exciting personalised journeys – to choose your own adventures… -interactive video platform

What interactive video platforms are you using?

But, as with everything in life, you need to find the best tool for the task at hand. In this case, you need the most appropriate interactive video platforms, software and tools for your creative needs.

There are lots of interactive video platforms to choose from, each with a slightly different offering.  We’ve taken a dive into 22 top options – along with information on their key features, who they’re best for and (where possible) pricing – and compiled our findings here for you.