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The Immersive Interactive Video Editor and Game Engine

Why producers choose to create interactive stories with

A universal creative platform for a global audience is used by thousands of producers in 150 countries, from experts to newcomers, to create simple powerful interactive stories.

Customers are making content for large and small organisations, for film, tv and game projects as well as for marketing, training, education and learning.

Producers regularly tell us that Stornaway’s creative-friendly interface has revolutionised their creative process by letting them plan, preview and publish their story from start to finish. They are able to tell their story, their way – without coding.

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In a nutshell is the creative friendly editor and game engine for interactive video
for delivery to any platform: web, mobile, gaming platforms, TV and interactive cinema.

Think of us like Unity or Adobe but specifically for interactive video.

Our whole production process has been revolutionised by’s software.

Paul Raschid, leading interactive film director (The Gallery,The Complex, Five Dates)

Stornaway is an essential tool for allowing us to experiment, tweak, refine and rebuild quickly and easily.

Paul Mallaghan, Director of Creative Strategy and Content, We Are Tilt - for Diageo

You’ve created a fantastically straight-forwards and intuitive way to put together interactive stories.

Matt Brandon, Series Producer, Plimsoll Productions (TV)

Industry leaders in Object Based Media

“UK Start-up Stornaway is creating tools and workflows that allow content creators to quickly create stories that take advantage of the existing branching narrative capabilities of YouTube, browsers and games engines such as Unity to create and distribute branching narratives. Its tools are also compatible with the open source Object Based Media tools provided by the BBC. Stornaway reports a very strong and growing level of interest in creating simple stories that can be used in education and commerce as well as entertainment.” – Ofcom Report on Object Based Media, September 2021

In September, Ofcom highlighted as an industry leader in a new report on Object Based Media. Read our full breakdown of the report

Case Studies

Customer Stories – Take a deeper dive into some of our customer’s recent successes and workflows

Universal Platform Integrations

Stornaway’s interoperable solution automates the multichannel delivery process from Stornaway’s creator-friendly editor using agnostic open standards, to improve creative productivity, quality, profitability and competiveness throughout the supply chain.