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BRISTOL, UK – July 1 2021

UK start up today releases the world’s first game engine for YouTube’, allowing filmmakers, game producers and YouTubers to make interactive films and Full Motion Video games on

The YouTube game engine is an extension of’s editing platform for interactive experiences, which launched in 2020 and is being used by thousands of creators in over 150 countries.

Founder Ru Howe said, “ is a magically simple platform for creatives to play with this amazing new format. This YouTube integration lets our creators bring their experiences to 2bn YouTube users and it’ll change the whole landscape of interactive filmmaking.”

It lets you design your experience in, then uploads clips and links them up using YouTube’s ‘end-screen’ interactive links. is being used by TV and film companies developing ideas to meet the demand shown by shows like Netflix’s “Bandersnatch” and “Bear Grylls: You vs Wild”– for VOD and game platforms.

One of these is “The Gallery”, a feature length thriller directed by leading light Paul Raschid (“The Complex”, “Five Dates”), who’s presenting a talk with Ru Howe on July 8th at Cannes Film Festival.

Raschid says “Stornaway has revolutionised my way of working as I could instantly experience the film, even while we were still shooting it!”

Before, making interactive films was notoriously hard. Charlie Brooker described making Bandersnatch as “Like doing a Rubik’s Cube in your brain”.

Because “The Gallery” is being made in, it could be delivered to YouTube, mobile, console, VOD platforms and interactive cinema screenings.’s also being used by thousands of producers in marketing, education, tourism and universities.

Co-founder Kate Dimbleby, herself a well-known writer, producer and performer, says, “The pandemic changed how we used video forever. It’s exciting to see creative people worldwide inventing this new form, being able to play in real time with interactive ideas. I can’t wait to see what happens now we’ve added YouTube into the mix.”

Ru Howe was one of the world’s earliest videobloggers in the 2000s and made the first interactive story on YouTube, “Indecision”, in 2008 by playing with YouTube’s previous interactive technology, “annotations”.

Dimbleby says, “What excites me about and YouTube is that, like me, you don’t need to be technical. Now you can make the next Bandersnatch – on YouTube!”

See how it works here