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Meet Nick Handley - Creative Producer, Moonshot Inc.

Moonshot Inc. is a comprehensive B2B video marketing agency. Our creative services accomplish more than just production – we tell a story that informs, engages, and inspires.

Location – Silicon Valley, California, USA – visit their website: Moonshot Inc.

What we say:

“Nick Handley is one of those rare creative producers who is able to meet business needs with creative solutions that go above and beyond expectations – whilst remaining within budget and scope.  His understanding of the opportunities there are in interactive media is ahead of the game and we love working with him. His presentation at our Adaptive Video for Learning Summit was great and the work he was showcasing was innovative and ahead of the curve

Kate Dimbleby, Stornaway Co-Founder and CEO

What Nick says:

“I always say Murphy’s law exists in its most pure and true form when it really counts that it goes right. So you plan for things to go wrong. And I can happily say that in this particular situation, when it came to Stornaway, I had zero crashes, I had zero issues. Every time I closed out the project and I opened it back up, everything was there, how it should be.” 

Nick Handley, Creative Producer