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How to Make Interactive Videos on YouTube

Create incredible branching video stories in Stornaway, and export them to YouTube

NB: Publishing Stornaway projects on YouTube is currently experiencing an issue that needs resolution. We are working with YouTube’s authentication process to resolve these issues and we apologise for any inconvenience.

We’ve made the first game engine for YouTube – an incredible interactive vdieo editor that lets you create a branching video game using’s “miraculously simple” no-code editor – and then publish it to YouTube.

So you can plan out and playtest a complex project easily in and then make it playable as an interactive story game on!

The way it works is, uploads all the videos from your project to YouTube, and then our Google Chrome extension automagically creates all the links at the end of every YouTube video.

There are some player features that YouTube can’t support (see below) but the ability to craft an interactive experience to YouTube’s audience of 2 billion is truly game changing.

Check out the guide in our Help pages.

And sign up for free to to have a start making interactive video stories right now.

Examples shown of Markiplier: The Heist, an interactive film not made in Stornaway

Easy no-code publishing

And... simply publish your interactive video to your own site and social media

Click Publish to make your story public in our powerful Stornaway player and streaming platform – simply embed it on your own site and link to it on social media

Interactive Video Apps

... Or make an Interactive Video Game App!

TTurn your interactive video into an App to play on iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Quest VR, Smart TVs and even game consoles, which you can offer and sell on your platform of choice, using our no-code Unity plugin. Unique flexibility and simplicity for everyone!