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Export Stornaway stories to YouTube

Create your story game in Stornaway and export it to YouTube with interactive links between clips.

It’s not witchcraft, but it is magical. We’ve made a game engine for YouTube – an incredible integration that lets you craft and test your interactive video experiences in’s simple clean authoring tools, and then send them to YouTube and link them up to be playable interactively using YouTube’s end screen links.

So you can plan and test out your project easily in and then make it playable just using the interactive features that already exist in YouTube!

The way it works is, uploads all the videos from your project to YouTube, and then our Google Chrome extension automagically creates all the links at the end of every YouTube video.

There are lots of lovely player features that YouTube can’t support (see below) but the ability to craft an interactive experience to YouTube’s audience of 2 billion is truly game changing.

Because YouTube interactivity has some limitations, there are just a few things you need to set up and understand first, so check out the guide in our Help pages first.

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Examples shown of Markiplier: The Heist, an interactive film not made in Stornaway

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